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  1. There should be some sort of outcome, in your own interest... Currently, DiskDefraggler is not usable for drives that contain (a lot) NTFS compressed files...
  2. Yes, I got it sorted. But NOT with Defraggler... And I think you should address this issue, because it is really a big problem of your software...
  3. The disk does not exist anymore in the mentioned form. I found another free defragger that was able to do the job very quickly. It has been transformed now to 110GB with 30GB free and 300GB of data. That was the whole idea behind it all: I wanted to reduce the size of the disk (which is a VHD file, really, used in a VM) But the pie chart looked totally normal in Defraggler, too, as well as the occupied space in numbers: 80 GB of 350 GB were occupied, pie chart looked like a quarter filled.
  4. I am experiencing huge problems with a harddisk that contains a lot of highly compresses files (on filesystem level). Example: The disk is 350GB, has 280GB free space and contains 400GB of data (as I said, the files are highly compressed). All calculations of Defraggler are totally wrong, speed is extremely poor. It looks like Defraggler is looking for free space for the new file, but BASED ON THE REAL FILESIZE, not based on the COMPRESSED size (i.e. the required space). I do not know if my assumption is correct, of course, but I see that the green bar for the new file has the length the uncompressed file would have. After the file is moved, the really used space is totally diffrerent. Additionally, the files have 5 MILLION fragments and this huge number seems also to be a problem. Defragging using the normal command, also defragging free space is ultimately slow, Defragging single files (also with many selected) seems to be faster. This makes Defraggler unusable with NTFS-compressed files. Update: Defraggler startet to do some strange things after it was not able to find enough free space for a file (with uncompressed size). The occupation map changed constantly and totally. This program does not seem to reliable. If it is doing unexplainable things with my valuable data, I can not use it!
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