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  1. Thanks, it's binary. If I don't get a certain answer or procedure, I'll try to move that file when I get the new machine. Thanks, BannonB (passionate homebrewer)
  2. Hey all, Getting a new Macbook Air. I'm happy to buy the license for a new computer but want to transfer settings (browser, system, cookies, etc) to the new machine. I saw old posts about a clickbox to create an ini file, but can't find that. Searches of this forum were not fruitful. I see a ccleaner.dat file in users/shared/ccleaner directory. Can I transfer that to the new machine after installing a new ccleaner pro? Can someone point me to the procedure? Thanks, bannonb
  3. Hey all: Long time CCleaner Pro user. On version 1.15.507 for Mac. I'm able to select various apps to clean, but would also like to select Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for removal of "recents" like I can with MS Word for example. Is there a way to add this to the "Cleaner-Applications" tab? Or a way to add other applications? -I can't figure out what file the recently opened files updates but am hoping you have... Thanks, BannonB
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