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  1. No we were putting it in the registry.
  2. Went to the link provided in Andavaris previous post and followed the instruction as per, The info would not load in edge 44.17763.10, html 18.17763.Am I the only one having this problem. I have ATT for ISP using a Dell version of Windows 10
  3. Well tried to insert proper info into edge and the program would not except it. It just disappeared.
  4. edge 10. It say session could not be cleaned. then when you clicked on more it took you to Microsoft page referring to start up files and remedy , but according to my son my version of 10 it doesn't have these files to manipulate to correct this condition. I have a dell comp running there version of software.
  5. It tried updating a few times which it said the update contained the fix for this problem. But it doesn't work. currently running windows 10, with ccleaner pro v5.55.7108. I believe thewindows 10 version maybe a dell product and it doesn't contain the files associated with the solutions available on line in the Microsoft info. Help
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