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  1. That's a good idea! For now, I have simply turned Auto-Preserve' OFF. FastArt
  2. Thanks! But there is no main folder 'Corel Auto-Preserve'. Whatever folder an image file is in, if I edited it using Corel PSP, a subfolder was created, and a copy of the original file was copied to it. So there might be a 100 different subfolders all named 'Corel Auto-Preserve'. I want to find all of them and delete them, including all their contents.
  3. In maintaining our photo album I used Corel Paint Shop Pro to edit photos. It has a feature which, when enabled, automatically creates a sub-folder called "Corel Auto-Preserve" and puts a copy of any original photo (jpg or bmp) that was edited in any way. As a result I have 100s of these sub-folders littered amongst maybe a thousand photo album folders. Can I use CCleaner to find and delete all these back-up sub-folders? Any advice would be deeply appreciated! If I have posted this request for help in the wrong forum/discussion, please let me know where I should have posted it.
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