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  1. I am receiving the error that my FireFox browser is not supported by Twitter for push notifications. This happened after installing Kamo. It says my browser is being managed by your organization. This is my personal computer, it is not an organization. When I search for this error online there are many articles about fingerprint security software activating the windows policy. Is this a feature of Kamo? Please advise.
  2. CCleaner doesn't have any settings for Windows Teams. Does anyone have their CCleaner configured to remove tracking and logs from Windows Teams? If you do would you please share your settings? Thank you.
  3. In the top left of CCleaner it has Custom Clean, click it and you should see two tabs, Windows and Applications. Click on both the Windows and the Applications tab. This is where you tell it to remove or keep cookies, passwords, etc. for your applications. Uncheck the box that states Saved Passwords, Network Passwords, and Cookies if you want to keep them. CCleaner is a robust cleaning tool. It is wise to click on each of the tabs and check the items you want it to clean and uncheck the items you want to save. The application isn't psychic, it does exactly what you have it configured to do. Once it deletes something it is deleted. Personally, I delete cookies since they track your internet usage but keep passwords. I mainly use the Custom Clean as that used to be the main clean feature before they created Health Check. I have CCleaner auto delete everything but Saved Password and Crash Reports for my browsers. I have all the check boxes checked in Windows Store, Applications, and Multimedia. I have Windows Defender unchecked along with DirectX Shader Cache. Their help files are informative and they contain how to videos if you are unsure of the settings. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/sections/360011321332-Using-CCleaner-for-Windows Based on your comment I would recommend reading (or watching the video) the "How do I use Custom Clean?" link. They have another product called Recuvia. It finds and restores deleted files. The challenge is that it cannot find a deleted file if Windows has written over the space the deleted item was in. I used it to recover my sisters wedding photos and it was easy to use. It saves us from spending $350.00 for a professional to recover the photos. The photos were on a drive dedicated to them so I didn't have to worry about windows writing something to the "free" space where the photos were deleted. https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva As a final comment, anytime you install a program that is going to delete files off your computer, I suggest reading at minimum the FAQ for that program. Most FAQ pages are bullet points to give you a high level of what their program is going to do. This gives you the knowledge to make decisions on how you want the program to work on your PC.
  4. Automatic updates continues to work for me. I purchased my license in 2013. Priority support is the feature that I lost when my yearly subscription ran out.
  5. I purchased a lifetime license of the CCleaner Professional bundle with Defraggler on 08/31/2013 and the product had a 1 year subscription. The one year subscription was for ongoing technical support (the privilege of working with a real life person when there are issues). Everything in the product should continue to work including automatic updates and cleaning of browsers when they close. That is how I remember it and that is how the product has been functioning for the last six years. It is also licensed per computer. I received the below reply from support in 2015. This was not listed in the order or payment email. "All of our software is licensed per computer. This means if you have one license, you can install it on one computer." - Tova If Avast wants to make changes then they need to choose a date and grandfather everyone before that date. Preferably a date where the website was updated to clearly state the changes to the subscription. With that said I dug up the original email that I received from Piriform back in 2013. I received one email after my payment was processed and it contained the payment information along with a pdf of my order and a pdf outlining terms for information on payment, delivery and performance. There are two generic paragraphs in the pdf about payment, delivery and performance that reference subscriptions. They do not reference any specific product or package that a customer may have purchased. They are: I. Payment 1. The payment of the purchase price is due immediately upon entry into the contract and shall take place in the manner specified in cleverbridge’s General Terms and Conditions of business (GTC) available on the cleverbridge Website. With the exception of purchases on account or purchases with grant of a direct debit authorization payments shall take place prior to delivery. Where the Customer has purchased Products or Services with recurring payment obligations (subscriptions) the prices are due at the agreed interval(s) and Customer shall pay these or make the corresponding purchase price available using the payment option he/she/it has selected for debiting by cleverbridge. II. Delivery and Performance ... 2. Upon purchase of digital Products and Services the Customer receives, following the order, access to a code for the activation of the Software, access to a Webpage with a download link for the downloading of the Software, or the use of the digital Product or Service is facilitated or provided in some other way. Upon purchase of digital Products and Services with recurring payment obligations (subscriptions) the download shall only be authorized, the Service supplied or the ordered goods dispatched, in each case, after full receipt of payment for the period for which the recurring payment obligation exists. The document is attacked for your review. Regards, Scott Information on Payment, Delivery and Performance.pdf
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