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  1. Thank you for pointing me to those explanations. I am more than a little annoyed that CCleaner wants to give itself credit for deleting "trackers" that never existed in the first place. Sounds like a cheap, self-aggrandizing false claim! Otherwise, I guess I'll keep using it, although now I trust it much less than I used to. I hope someone from Piriform is reading these posts. A little accuracy and honesty would go a long way toward restoring trust in your product. To begin with, how about only calling a "tracker" something that really is one?
  2. I use only Firefox Private Browsing with two Ad Blockers. When I run CCleaner, it says it removed "880 trackers" from my system. The report says there were 57KB of "Firefox Cookies" and 387 "Internet Cache." I don't believe the 880 trackers! I question whether they are calling too many things "trackers." Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm also disappointed that the "Advanced Report" is little more than the old summary screen. Is there a list of exactly what CCleaner removed anywhere? I feel like this product has been dumbed down, and I'm beginning to question its reliability, given tha
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