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  1. Thanks Nergal and jwoods This is too bad. I really want a vulnerability manager that only looks for security issues. I remain hopeful that some old Secunia employees get VulnDetect off the ground. They were originally hopeful to get a free product off the ground by last fall. https://vulndetect.org/ Chris
  2. Nice to see the addition of Software Updater and it might prod me to upgrade to Pro. But first I need to know; 1 - is there a list published of the programs you detect/update? 2 - Is this an "update manager" or a "Vulnerability manager". Quite frankly I am only interested if it is a "vulnerability manager". I can decide on my own if I want to update software for new features etc. But I think it is VERY important to update software that has a security vulnerability for which a patch is available. What I am REALLY looking forward to is a replacement for the discontinued "Personal Software Inspector" from Flexera (used to be Secunia) Thanks, Chris
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