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  1. Not only has the updated version of "CCleaner Free" brought us a totally useless (because "dead") extra function - now it even has turned from freeware to adware. Ever since, CCleaner spawns advertisement popups telling the user to upgrade CCleaner. What will be next? And will there be any way to stop CCleaner from spawning popups? Riddles after riddles...
  2. I'm deeply sorry, but whenever I open my CCleaner and click the "Refresh" button, nothing happens.
  3. I may have looked over something important, but... at the homepage of Piriform it's stated that the new function was only for higher CCleaner versions, not for the "Free" one. And it's not listed in the overwiew list of function in the "Free" section. Really odd. Could it be that this new function was integrated into the free version by mistake?
  4. What confuses me the most: at the homepage of Piriform (where I download the newest CCleaner versions - and only from there) it's stated that the "Software Updater" option was only for the "Pro" version and higher. Nowhere it is told that the user of the "Free" version would be "blessed" with this optional function, too. I might have looked over it, of course. my b, then.^^
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