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  1. Thanks i got the update on RegSeeker and it works just fine! I had some 400 plus entries picked up by RegSeeker earlier and after this update it went down to 230 and then i ran the full service scan from Windows Live OneCare 'very reliable' from http://safety.live.com/site/en-us/default.htm and these entries are down to 150 so i guess i'm taking it one step at a time! There are lot of obsolete in green, file or path does not exist in green, Invalid ActiveX/COM (CLSID) in red entries still found with RegSeeker still wondering if i should touch them after making backups.
  2. OOPS sorry about the color markings in issues for deletion in CCleaner, the colour settings are marked in RegSeeker 1.52! It is a registry cleaning program. Thanks rridgely for the update on what is safe to clean with CCleaner! Do you know of registries that come up in issues that should be left alone!
  3. Hi Andavari, Thanks! Just downloaded the exclude.ini zip file.I have pasted the original exclude.ini into this customised exclude.ini file by copy paste method right at the end and moved it into my RegSeeker folder! I have removed the original exlude.ini to a backup folder! Have i done it the correct way? Seems to work coz this time RegSeeker 1.52 has picked up far fewer entries marked for deletion!
  4. Thank you. I had a 2nd question earlier regarding deleting registries marked as unused fies and extensions. Is it safe to delete them? I read somewhere that you should refrain for you never know when you might need them later? Also are ActiveX/Com entries (marked in red) picked up by CCleaner to delete safe to do away? That reminds me some entries are marked in green and others in red!? Is this some indication on how safe these entries are to delete and how? My final question is on how long should i keep these backups for if my computer appears to be doing fine! Any help will be appreciated. Thanks once again.
  5. Since i'm new to CCleaner and i have come up with all these issues i wanted to know is it safe to delete all uninstaller reference issues, activeX/COM issues, missing shared DLL, open with application issues, application path issues, uninstaller reference issues, missing startup software and missing MUI reference issues registery keys after making backups.Also is it true that one should not remove the registry keys for all unused file extensions for you never know when you need them later?
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