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  1. Further investigation shows that i CAN find the recycle folder on for example an external drive I have. Not on this particular drive though (but I can find it with Lazesoft). I tried with and without the three options you mentioned, same result: found it on one drive not the other. I tried running the wizard and selecting recycle bin, again nothin on this particular drive, only the other. Strange since lazesoft finds it. I do find a folder called $Extend, which Lazesoft didn’t find...
  2. Is your point that this is a slightly different topic than the original? I can go make a new post. I seemed to have mixed up what I see with Lazesoft and Racuva. A pity recuva cant find the recycle bin when lazesoft can.
  3. Hm, actually, i cant see the $recycle.bin folder in recuva. I am running Recuva 1.53 from a usb stick (minicat boot image), working on C:\ . With Lazesofts recovery program, I can see the $Recycle.bin folder. Any ideas to why I can’t see the recycle folder in recuva? I suspect this is something trivial. I have set Recuva to show hidden system folders, if that matters.
  4. I’m surprised this isn’t an implemented function inRecuva or other similar software. I cant go through hundreds of files manually.
  5. Is there really no way to restore correct file names and folders from the recycle bin (Win 10)? I have googled this to bits without a definitive answer. I accidently deleted stuff from a friends Win 10 PC and emptied the recycle bin. Booting from usb with recovery software, I can see what probably are most of the files but with incorrect file names, starting with ’$’. Seems I can get most of the data back, but the folder structure would be so nice to EaseUS implies in their ads that they can do this. Any ideas? This was almost solved by the poster below, but that user is wrong as the answers say. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/37211-file-names-and-folder-locations/
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