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  1. I have this issue. The latest version detects all Edge Chromium cookies but despite being set to clean with notification, it fails to clean when I exit Edge Chromium. it still works correctly for other browsers.
  2. Following the advice given from Piriform support, I ran CC in debug mode and sent the file to them. They have since replied to say CC was NOT deleting Chrome and Firefox cookies. Someone else had reported the problem and remedied it by uninstalling and then reinstalling CC using the download link they provided and the license key also provided. THIS CURED THE PROBLEM AND CC NOW DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SHOULD.
  3. Thank you. I have now done so. This issue seems to be happening with CC 5.54 Free I have installed on an older device.
  4. Still no joy. CC 5.54 still does not detect or clear cookies after 10 minutes of CC being open. Restarting Firefox I am logged back into websites and the browser shows the cookies deleted by previous versions of CC automatically are ALL still present. I have paid for the professional version that is not doing what I paid for.
  5. The warnings have reappeared. CC 5.54 still does not detect any cookies, including those of Internet Explorer. Checking that the Firefox cookies I want to delete are not on the right hand side of CC 5.54, I deliberately logged into some of my usual sites. previously closing Firefox would have resulted in my being logged out of those sites as CC would delete the cookies (i.e. they were on the left side cookies to clear). However now with CC 5.54 reopening Firefox I am logged back into all sites. The browser says all the cookies are present. CC 5.54 has not detected a single cookie after several minutes. How long is the delay before they appear?
  6. CCleaner 5.54 no longer shows any cookies in Edge or Firefox and does not delete them. I know this as restarting Firefox, I am logged back into websites I would have previously been logged out of as a result of cookie deletion. The only way I can delete cookies is to manually do so in the browser. I can do so in Firefox but do not know how to do so in Edge. In addition, CCleaner 5.54 no longer shows the warning a browser (particularly Edge) is running and does not give you the option to close and then force close it if need be. From my experience of the previous versions of CCleaner, I had to force stop Edge nearly every time I ran CCleaner.
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