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  1. Could you provide a link please? I read most of the posts, a lot going back and forth, but I just wanted to show that in 2016, my product had no expiration date.
  2. Note that I blocked out my name and license key, but the expiration in the 2016 email is literally a dash.
  3. So I myself have been using ccleaner for years. I made a one time purchase, god knows how long ago. I actually kept my laptop in good condition and had it for several years. In 2016 I did a factory reset(not sure if this was the time of windows 10 release or not, my laptop started as windows 7). So today I finally decided to upgrade my computer, as I only really use it for personal finance and bills, but the old one was slowing down a bit. I installed the free version of ccleaner, noticed there was no where to input a key. Downloaded the professional free trial and went to insert my key and sure enough it said it was expired. I remember getting an email a couple years back saying it was about to expire and I laughed it off like no, that was a one time purchase. Nevertheless, my key did not work and I did some investigating. Though I don't have my original receipt, I do have the copy of my key request back in 2016. You'll notice that the key request back in 2016 had no expiration and yes, it was installed on my laptop until I wiped it a couple months ago. In the second picture, you will see the key request I put in for today that now has an expiration date of 2015, note that the request for the key my first time around was in 2016 and in 2016 my key had no expiration. Yet, somehow in 2019, my key is now expired in 2015. Everything people are saying is true for long term users. Everybody is saying that it's always been subscription based, yet it hasn't. What may have been a subscription were automatic updates and support. Yet, lets all be real right now. Most of us who use this program, don't need support. I personally disabled automatic updates because they annoy me and I'd prefer to manually update when I receive a notification. As for the pro edition, it had no expiration date, even in 2016. I sure wish someone had a copy of the terms and conditions from 2012. I will now be filing a complaint with the BBB.
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