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  1. Could you provide a link please? I read most of the posts, a lot going back and forth, but I just wanted to show that in 2016, my product had no expiration date.
  2. Note that I blocked out my name and license key, but the expiration in the 2016 email is literally a dash.
  3. So I myself have been using ccleaner for years. I made a one time purchase, god knows how long ago. I actually kept my laptop in good condition and had it for several years. In 2016 I did a factory reset(not sure if this was the time of windows 10 release or not, my laptop started as windows 7). So today I finally decided to upgrade my computer, as I only really use it for personal finance and bills, but the old one was slowing down a bit. I installed the free version of ccleaner, noticed there was no where to input a key. Downloaded the professional free trial and went to insert my key
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