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  1. I would very much need a program/a ccleaner option for cleaning the Registry, App Data and Program Data folders. My PC is from 2007 or 6 so I have had a lot of programs installed that I no longer use. Yet Registry remembers all of them, as do App Data and Program Data folders. I have removed all that I recognized instantly. But if I want to continue removing it would requiere a copy paste to google process by which I would identify what a certain key or folder is about. And that costs a lot of time and energy. Instead it would be practical for ccleaner to scan our drives, offer a list of keys and folders, let us check mark some of them, and ccleaner would perform a background google search of each one, looking for repeated words and link titles to gather a reasonable "answer" that it would deliver to us in text or log form. Based on that it would later let us check mark again if we wish to delete some keys and or folders.
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