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  1. I tried that, but I can't move it up enough to be able to reach the bottom of the window, so I can't click on 'Clean', nor reduce the size of the window from the bottom. My screen dispay is 712 pixels high. I also tried going back to the last version of CCleaner, but it doesn't appear to be available anywhere. Thanks for trying to help, but I've given up on CC, and gone over to [competition], which works on my set-up with no problems. Best regards, Jack E.
  2. I just installed the latest update of CCleaner (CCsetup554) and the damn window is off the bottom of my screen! It won't let me resize the window by pulling it down from the top (like other windows do), and I can't reach the bottom to pull it up; result is that I cant run the program, because the 'Clean' button is off the bottom of the screen! Maybe I could get it visible by changing my screen resolution, but that would mess up every other program I use. Why the HELL can't these damn computer programmers remember the old engineering advice? "If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!" The
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