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  1. Thank you Andavari for this info. This solves the problem for me. I am very glad this forum exists for users of this great software.
  2. I joined this forum to explore this new problem with ccleaner adding avast to its latest updates. I have been using "CCleaner - Portable" found here (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds) if you want to download it on ccleaner.com. I find that it uses less ram and space on my disk, plus does not clutter up my dll registry. When it is time to update I come over to the link above and get the latest portable version and install it. I found out about this new problem with ccleaner on another forum that stays on top of the latest software updates and suggests to its members to install or to avoid the new updates. ....If you google search " problem with ccleaner installing avast " without quotes, you will see how many sites and users are deeply troubled and suggesting others not install the latest updates. Someone in admin on this forum should send the word/news up to the top of your company that you have a problem growing exponentially with your user base that is really ticked off. One answer to this problem if .piriform.com does not correct this problem is anyone can go to one of the several software download sites and get an older version of ccleaner before piriform.com added their own crap (avast) to this great free software. My problem is I need someone who knows what was the last version of ccleaner that did not include avast. Maybe some user that knows from experience can post it on this thread. ---->My question is, does the portable version now have the avast install hidden in it as well? ...Can a moderator or someone who has installed the portable version tell me if avast is automatically installed when I first use it to clean my computer? *Thank you forum members and moderators for listening to my concerns. Sorry if I sound like I am ranting, but I have loved ccleaner since I first found it many years ago and hate to see a such a great software used by millions corrupted by corporate greed. There are a lot of poor users who can not afford to buy the pro version, like elder people on fixed incomes like myself.
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