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  1. I have a similar problem. Only mine extends into PDFs, Excel, Word, and JPGs. All of these come up as "corrupt" when I try to open them. Anything that was a TXT file is readable. My issue started with NextCloud. I guess I had something set wrong and it was comparing my USB 2Tb drive (NTSF format) with the server. It was deleting my files on my USB drive. They all recovered without error according to the software onto another USB drive (also NTSF formating). I just feel like this is an encryption issue or something silly. This is a pretty big deal for me as I have customer files, personal files, etc. on this drive that I would really like to recover. Any hep or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. I have somehow lost volumes of files on a 2TB USB drive. Luckily, I have most of the files stored elsewhere, but the recent ones I do not. The software sees the files, restores them (claiming there are 0 errors), but when I try to open the XLSX , PDF, or JPG files, they are claimed to be corrupt. TXT files seem to recover fine. Am I missing something? As soon as I saw that the files were missing, I undocked the USB drive and have not written anything to it. Most all of the files show that they are in excellent state. Any guidance / assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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