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  1. Piriform support has confirmed the random design of the installation. I've told them that in the case of two purchases they should give the customer the choice of which installation gets the beta version. However, the randomness is probably not amenable to that approach. The problem for Piriform is that they won't be getting much feedback from me because it installed on the very rarely used old computer. I only turn it on daily to get security software updates, whereas I use my other computer every waking minute, and use CCleaner Professional probably a dozen times a day.
  2. There was only one download link for the two purchases which the same exe file and two license keys although I didn't originally notice the second key which was on second page so I used the first key for both installations which gave the two different screens. Redownloading and using the second key still didn't give the second screen either so I don't now what contols who gets the beta.
  3. Thanks Nukecad, unfortunately the one with the Quick Clean feature is on the laptop I don't use much. The one I use daily is the same old, same old. So to test the Beta version I'm going to be forced to use the laptop I don't like. Ah well.
  4. I recently purchased two CCleaner Professional V5.53 for two laptops. One allows Quick Clean and Custom Clean but the other one only allows the traditional Clean. Why?
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