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  1. I have started upgrading to CCleaner for all of my PCs. And then today I ran an update that autoloaded Google Chrome. I was sickened. I didn't realize until that moment, that CCleaner has hooked up with the primary creator of our digital prison. Like Mozilla. After 8+ years, I am now going to start looking for another cleaner program and STOP recommending CCleaner. I was really shocked to find out that CCLeaner would stoop so low as to autoload a browser on me. Wow. All these years without manipulation beyond having to avoid FileHippo. Google contamination is a nightmare for security and privacy conscious end users. Every single time Google gets into a business, it expands and monetizes every possible aspect of personal data collection. It is parasitic and evil. I am so sorry CCleaner/Piriform. Any financial gain you got from doing a forced Google Chrome browser download on that last update is going to cost you in customers... starting with me.
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