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  1. Thanks Augeas, I really appreciate your insights. I might have to 'let go' of the material and ponder on impermanence a little more. Cheers George
  2. Thanks for responding Augeas. What I do get is the full file info, ie: Song title, artist, Album but nothing past approx 30 seconds. Do you think Recuva is the right tool? Other there any others you would recommend? Thanks G
  3. I have a Seagate 2TB USB hard drive. I deleted a music folder of mp3 files and have not used the hard disk for any other purpose since. The Deep scan retrieves all file information including folders but the files, which average 2mb have been reduced to as little as 300Kb. I'd appreciate your help. George K. Double A Jazz Band - Ponchartrain Blues.mp3
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