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  1. Last year I read sometime around 2015 maybe 2016 a virus found a back door issue in ccleaner and was able to gain access into the program and it was not found for awhile. I tried to reach out to cleverbridge/ccleaner but never got an answer. Because I referred ccleaner to a few friends I feel I need to find out if this has been corrected. Does anyone recall this from around 2015 and do you know if this has been corrected and/or fixed?
  2. nukecad, that worked, thank you much.
  3. Hi, I'm a first time user of this forum. I went to the Support page of Piriform and it lead me here. Thanks all good. I'm trying to update my CCleaner Professional and I keep getting a message " CCleaner64.exe wont open and CCleaner\branding.dll wont open". I went into the setting of Malwarebytes and turned off Ransomware Protection as suggested but it made no difference. Has anyone had to deal with this? What's the fix or work around? Dan
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