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  1. Sounds like you may have registered using multiple email addresses over time, so +1 on being sure to include your other email addresses and any licence or order reference numbers as nukecad said.
  2. Known issue impacting a percentage of users at the moment, currently under investigation (although delayed somewhat by staff availability over the holiday weekend sandwich). Please see here if you would like to assist the process.
  3. @windowsswiss: Does anything in the registration trouble-shooting guide here help you? How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support
  4. Indeed! Windows XP and Vista cannot be updated past CCleaner 5.64 and were (or should have been) specifically excluded from the important update process when it started back in October. I have passed this through to the relevant team, but in the meantime to help us isolate what might be going on here: Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the message, if it pops up again please? Did you make any noteworthy changes to your computer configuration a week or so ago?
  5. @charlesdskinner: This has been covered extensively elsewhere. But to recap: If you want to configure the messages related to cleaning you can do this through Options > Smart Cleaning. If you are on an older version of CCleaner there will 2-3 messages per month reminding you that there is a free update to download (although these are gone as of CCleaner 5.74 if you are set to automatic updates). A few times a year we run discount sales on CCleaner - during these periods users will generally receive 2-3 notifications about the sale. If you are seeing sales messages or update notifications more frequently than this, the most common source of such overmessaging is if you have accidentally configured CCleaner to wipe the "I have already seen this message and I don't need to see it again" flag as a result of removing too many things from the cookie cleaning whitelist. The fix for this is to go to Options > Cookies in the CCleaner console, right click in "Cookies to Keep", select Import and import the cookies.txt attached here - which should resolve that problem for you. cookies.txt
  6. And a Merry Christmas to you all from the CCleaner team!
  7. CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 does work on BigSur. Some users have been having issues with BigSur 11.0.1, and fewer after Apple's bugfixes with BigSur 11.1. If you are still having problems you can contact customer support at support@ccleaner.com for a work-around or refund (and try again with CCleaner for Mac 1.19 when it is released in the new year).
  8. This has been passed along to QA and the dev team for investigation.
  9. No we don't. This has been answered somewhere else already, but I am assuming that you either have Smart Cleaning or automatic updates switched on? It's the Options > Smart Cleaning > Enable Smart Cleaning switch if you don't want CCleaner resident checking for things to clean and Options > Updates > Keep CCleaner updated automatically switch if you don't want CCleaner resident checking for updates. The CCleaner Browser suggestion is an accept/decline option. Not a checkbox.
  10. From the investigations so far, the current issue seems likely to be specific to a certain piece of software that needs to be updated, but for which we may have broken update information from the publisher. We are trawling through the list looking for potential culprits, but if anyone experiencing this issue current can go to Tools > Software Updater and provide the list of "Programs to Update" and the list of "Up-to-date Programs" this may help us narrow things down faster.
  11. Update: All claims went to our billing provider for processing about 2 weeks ago. While some had already been paid out over the past week or so, the bulk of them were issued to customers between 17:45 and 23:15 GMT on December 21st (mainly USD and EUR), with a second batch 07:00 to 10:15 GMT this morning (predominantly other currencies - AUD/GBP/PLN/etc). There should be a third batch later today to cover the remainder of the customers who had already completed their cashback claim earlier this month. So everyone will be in under the "paid within 30 days of claim" window - although we're a bit closer to the deadline this time than we usually like to be. Note that customers can still make their cashback claims until early January, so anyone who has left it a bit late to claim their cashback can expect their rebate in mid-January. Update 2: This afternoon's processing batch kicked off at 14:50 GMT (predominantly EUR, RUB, AUD, GBP, CAD, PLN, INR and CHF) and is still running completed at 17:45 GMT. This included the cashback for @Brianfantastic (status list below updated accordingly). Update 3: At this point ~97% of validated claims have now been paid. The remaining 3% are for purchases made in currencies other than the main 18 used by our customers. Customers who purchased in SGD, HUF, COP, ILS, KRW, RMB, NTD, etc are having their rebates manually processed over the next 24-48 hours. For those in the thread I took the liberty of checking if you had made your purchase using your registered email and found that 2 of 3 were in yesterday's run (times in GMT): @2377671184: Processed 2020-12-21 15:57. Issued 2020-12-21 15:57 @Mix: Processed 2020-12-21 18:04. Issued 2020-12-21 19:07 @Brianfantastic: Processed 2020-12-22 16:02. Issued 2020-12-22 16:04
  12. @dorierez: This is a public forum, which does not store your credit card information. If this is relating to your CCleaner subscription, you can contact support@ccleaner.com for assistance. If what you are trying to do is to cancel future subscription billing without cancelling the remaining time on a CCleaner Professional licence, you can also do that yourself directly - either through Options > About > License Information in your copy of CCleaner, or from the subscription cancellation link in the order confirmation email that you would have received from Cleverbridge when you purchased your licence. More information on this can be found here: How do I manage my CCleaner subscription? – Piriform Support
  13. By "bogus" do you mean that you receive an alert saying that your CCleaner is out of date even though you are already on the latest version? (CCleaner 5.75 at the time of writing). If you are on an earlier version number then this is a legitimate message letting you know that there is a free update. The landing page that you end up on may suggest an upgrade to CCleaner Professional, but you can "no thanks" your way through this and end up at the free update download page. Note that once you get to CCleaner 5.74 or higher, future version updates from that point can be automatic (unless you switch them off in Options > Updates.
  14. These new licence key formats do need a recent version of CCleaner to run. Can I check which version number you are currently on? If not the latest (5.75) can I suggest installing the latest version (downloadable directly from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro) and then registering it under Options > About License Information to see if that helps? If you are already having this problem with the latest version of CCleaner, you can contact support@ccleaner.com to ask them to swap out your licence key.
  15. @jopa66: you too have posted on an old thread about an old version of CCleaner . If you're having some problems with the latest version (~30 releases later) then it's probably best to start a new thread (or join a more recent one) with specifics to see if someone can help you out.
  16. Always relevant How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support for general guidance regarding copying and pasting licence information to avoid typing errors, and for Mac, this section: You can register your license into CCleaner Professional for Mac using the following steps: Open CCleaner > click Options > About Click Register or Upgrade to Pro Otherwise, if a license is already registered in the CCleaner app, but you need to activate a new replacement license key, you can do this using this method: Open CCleaner > click Options > About Double-click on the line of text which says Registered to: [Your Name] When the registration dialog opens, enter your CCleaner Professional or CCleaner Professional Plus registration information from your purchase confirmation email. Note that Macs will accept licence keys for CCleaner Professional for Mac, and for CCleaner Professional Plus - but not CCleaner Professional for Windows. If you are still having difficulties with licence registration, you can contact support@ccleaner.com.
  17. This particular service notification only had a 3 day run ... which ended at around 13:00 GMT today. So it should be gone regardless at this point. Did an audit at our end, and checking the message configuration I can confirm that it was: set to only display once every 31 days (ie: once only given its limited run) bound by a global "safety net" rule that says free users cannot receive more than 1 toaster message every 2 days. The server log of the number of times content was served over the three days seems to follow a standard pattern - a spike of displays followed by a rapid tailoff as fresh customers updated to 5.75 and those who had their computer off on previous days saw the message for the first time. Cross-referencing this with the traffic to the CCleaner version history page (which was the link in the "What's New" button) the clickthrough rate did not decline over time as would be expected if many users were getting multiple notifications. So whatever is happening seems to only be impacting an undetectably small percentage of users - which is good news in the larger scheme of things - but I still want to figure out what is happening in your case so that we can find a solution. @stackoverflow: okay now that is even odder. How "vanilla" is your VM configuration? Anything custom that you may have applied to both computers? If you weren't noticing the same level of excessive messaging at the end of November/beginning of December were there any noteworthy changes that you made on your main computer since then? Possibly a long-shot, but if both your main computer and the VM are on the same network, is there any chance that there is some sort of bandwidth-saving forward caching going on? Perhaps on a router, network gateway or by the ISP itself (if you are tethering off a mobile phone or using a 4G/5G router)?
  18. @rolfMAG: CCleaner customer support can be contacted at support@ccleaner.com. However I took a look at your purchase and noted that your order confirmation had bounced (sent to the wrong email address). I have corrected that and resent - should be with you by the time you read this.
  19. By way of official comment I can confirm that this is exactly what happened to us. We released a BigSur compatible version in advance of the BigSur release and then Apple changed the version numbering at the last minute. This is on a list of minor tweaks to be made in a release in the new year. We had noted a number of customers experiencing issues with starting up CCleaner 1.18.30 under BigSur 11.0.1 - but these were not replicable in testing, and reports that we have had back from customers have been that the BugSur 11.1 update has been resolving these. This would suggest that there may have been MacOS bugs rather than CCleaner bugs at play here, but we're keeping a close eye on the situation.
  20. By way of update, Microsoft has actioned the false positive report and the flagging has been removed. Note that you may need to update your Defender virus definitions file if you are still on a signature file version prior to 1.329.501.0 Note that Windows Defender has been fine with the CCleaner free installer from version 5.70 and up, and has not had any issues with CCleaner itself.
  21. We have had Catalina support since late last year, although there were some improvements in the latest release. Are you using the latest version CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-mac-v11830) which was released October 6th, or an earlier version?
  22. As per my note above, can I confirm if the folks in this thread are using the latest version CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-mac-v11830) which was released October 6th, or an earlier version? Also we have had some feedback that some customers experiencing issues on BigSur 11.0.1 found their issues resolved after updating to BigSur 11.1 - indicating that 11.0.1 may have had some bugs that were fixed from Apple's update. Anyone still experiencing issues with BigSur 11.1 / CCMac 1.18.30 ?
  23. This would be the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle. This licence can be used on both Macs and PCs (for the CCleaner component - Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy are PC only). You can read more about this here: How many computers can I install CCleaner Professional Plus on? – Piriform Support
  24. Can I confirm if the folks in this thread are using the latest version CCleaner for Mac 1.18.30 (https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/ccleaner-mac-v11830) or an earlier version? Also we have had some feedback that some customers experiencing issues on BigSur 11.0.1 found their issues resolved after updating with BigSur 11.1 - indicating that 11.0.1 may have had some bugs that were fixed from Apple's update. Anyone still experiencing issues with BigSur 11.1 / CCMac 1.18.30 ?
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