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  1. @APMichael: FYI, this has been in the development backlog for a couple of months, so it has been on the devs' radar. It was mentioned in passing in a meeting I was at earlier this week that it's now actively under investigation in the current development sprint, so depending on whatever code complexities and inter-dependencies may be involved that probably means that it will bubble out at some point over the next couple of releases.
  2. @JSS3rd: common trick is to buy the discount licence on sale as well and then send support a licence merge request - then you'll have 2 years of CCleaner
  3. The "buy me" popups will generally only appear a few times a year - and only if there is a noteworthy sales on. They will usually contain words like "sale" or "discount" or "price" and have a call to action button with a word like "buy" in it. Sounds like what you are referring to is not the pitch to buy the Pro version, but the service notifications telling you, as a free user, that there is a new version of CCleaner available for free download - eg: if you are on 5.67 now that 5.68 has been released. There is a plain text one that pops shortly after the new version is released, and if
  4. So that big white empty box in OP's first post looks like the "would you like fries with that" screen in the installer. Just for some context, the free version of CCleaner is subsidised by showing ads to some users on a CPA model - if enough users say "yes" to the fries (currently either Avast free antivirus, AVG free antivirus or an Avast VPN trial) and they use it, like it and eventually end up buying it then we earn enough to keep the servers running (or, better yet, as we did last year, start replacing the ones that were creaking at the seams with shiny new ones). Previously tha
  5. All excellent suggestions, and you will be pleased to know that we already thought of them. It is, admittedly, not particularly well labelled, but you can retrieve information on all of your licences, their registration information, expiry dates and download links at any time from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup by providing the email address that you used when you purchased CCleaner. Note that since this is sent to your email address there is no need for a separate password to access this information. (This is by design - we know that users recycle passwords between
  6. If you have picked up a copy of CCleaner Professional or Professional Plus at an introductory discount then the following year of the subscription will be billed at the full price - ie: the strikethrough price when you ordered. In the US this is currently $24.95 (plus sales tax) and $39.95 (plus sales tax respectively). While introductory discounts are common with any subscription, it is always irksome for existing customers to see lower prices out there for new customers - so starting a couple of months before that renewal hits you'll get a couple of member-exclusive discount offers - k
  7. If you cannot see the duplicate finder, could you screenshot what you seen instead in your CCleaner console? It should look something like this:
  8. Both the free and the Paid versions of CCleaner are in German ... and French, Italian, Russian, etc. If you have installed either the free or paid versions without setting your desired language, you can always change it under Options > About > Language
  9. What exactly did you have in mind? Cloud backups are probably things best handled by Google Drive / OneDrive / etc.
  10. ... and it looks like we managed to implement a fix earlier today. For previously impacted users, the trigger for the renewal reminder popups should now sync correctly with the licence expiry information shown in the product. @Zappenduster @markusdnx: let me know if this pops up again prematurely.
  11. Check https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional ... when copying and pasting might you be including any stray spaces before or after your licence key or name?
  12. @Gordon206: root cause found - fixes coming, follow this thread for updates:
  13. So it looks like this happens under a certain set of circumstances after a manual renewal where the new expiry date shows correctly in the licence information screen but the old expiry date gets "stuck" on the client. Hoping to get a proper fix in for CCleaner 5.69 (version 5.68 is already being queued up for release) but in the meantime we're looking to do a bulk flush of all such cases on the licence server to fix all currently impacted users over the next few days.
  14. @markusdnx: In your case I note that you have two licence keys: one starting with PZZ4 that expires in April 2022 and one starting with PM3A that expired in March of last year. If you go to Options > About > License Information, can I confirm that it is the PZZ4 and not the PM3A key that you are using on the machine getting that expiry popup? If you are using the PZZ4 key, when is the last time that you rebooted your computer?
  15. If you download the Professional Plus installer (link in your confirmation email after purchase) then you should be greeted with this on the second screen after you select your language:
  16. You can also cancel autobilling through the subscription management accessible via Options > About > License Information in your copy of CCleaner.
  17. Did you purchase a new licence at some point (or take an update when you renewed) and get a new licence key? And, if so, is that key the one that you are using? (You can see all of your licence information with expiry dates, etc at https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup) What expiry date is displayed in Options > About > License Information?
  18. With a user base larger than the size of most countries, and a couple of billion installations over the years I suspect that if CCleaner was secretly installing Chrome to 84% of users it probably would have been noticed by now. That said, with so many possible configurations of computers, there is always the possibility that something will go weird on a small percentage of them. If you can provide some additional information that might help us track down what might have caused a buggy install experience: Which version of CCleaner did you install when you noticed Chrome appear?
  19. At the moment the "something else" could be Avast AV, AVG AV, CCleaner Browser, Avast Secureline VPN ... or again, in a large percentage of cases, nothing.
  20. Sounds a bit like an error we had with the licensing server last year that it would report expiry when it was down - but even during outages it should no longer be doing that. Can you confirm a couple of things for us please: When you say "in the license information" you mean the information showing from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup? Or from Options > About > License Information in the CCleaner console? Are the errors that pop up text-only windows in the middle of the screen, or alerts in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen? If the latter, do they
  21. You will not get something that has not been offered. And you will not get something that has been offered if you do not accept. Three possible scenarios: If Chrome is offered and you accept -> Chrome installed If Chrome is offered and you decline -> no Chrome installed If Chrome is not offered -> no Chrome installed (but maybe offered something else instead on a later screen)
  22. Pretty sure that this has been covered here several times before (including in this very thread), but you will only see the Chrome offer banner if the Chrome offer is actually being made. Chrome is only offered a maximum of once every 6 months per user, and overall only around 16% of installs are presented with a Chrome offer. You don't need to burrow down into "customize", etc - it will be right there on the front screen if you are one of the 16%. If you are one of the 84% and don't see it, it is not because it is hidden - it is simply not there.
  23. Including Tools > Uninstall from within CCleaner?
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