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  1. Although we don't advertise it as such, you can use the CCleaner Professional Plus (where the licence key starts with a "P") to install and register CCleaner (but not Defraggler, Recuva or Speccy) on a Mac. But at this point in time the Android licence is a separate purchase. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-
  2. ... which is why we have always had (and always will have) a free version of CCleaner available BTW, there is no "mark as answered", as such, on here. But for some hot topics there will be a promoted answer and a "solved" tag added to help people coming to the site at later date to more easily find answers.
  3. ... although, if I may add, there were some specific instances of people claiming to have Windows 7 issues which actually turned out to be attempting to install or run CCleaner in Windows XP emulation mode.
  4. BTW: That ideas portal gets results
  5. @OmerWow: And due to popular demand, it was recently added in CCleaner 5.66
  6. Well naturally it would be lovely if they did - but, in the interests of transparency, I would make the observation that of all of the CCleaner Professional licence keys created prior to 2018, less than 3% have been cancelled for any reason (including refunds, licence abuse, etc) since licence revocation started back in 2012. One might reasonably conclude that with a cumulative rate of less than 3%, there is probably not some form of nefarious cash grab afoot.
  7. There was a major problem specific to version 5.33 ... but that was 33 releases ago. Versions prior to 5.46 should not be used on any recent build of Windows 10, and Windows 10 will actively block you from using anything prior to version 5.36. Given that one of the reasons that CCleaner releases new versions so often is to keep up to date with configuration changes in the various software that it cleans, we always recommend staying up to date with the latest version (currently 5.66), and certainly no more than a few releases behind the latest (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-h
  8. ... specifically, did you type the number "1" instead of the capital letter "i", etc? As Nergal said, copy-pasting instead of manually transcribing tends to solve most registration problems.
  9. Minor bugfix for CCleaner Professional trial users. Should be an update to the release notes shortly.
  10. No - actually it comes from when a computer registers a licence key. It is pretty fundamental to any form of licence management to be able to know how many computers paid software has been installed on. This is not exactly a new development for Piriform - the very first entry in the activation table is dated 2010-11-30 at around 3pm GMT. Its primary use is for customer service - letting customers know if they have purchased a licence but haven't installed it yet, or troubleshooting if a customer has accidentally made duplicate purchases so we can help them figure out which one they are actu
  11. Are you able to see which process initiated those calls?
  12. I did try to recommend that you contact support so that you could get answer in private - but if you would like a public answer specific to your case: you didn't mistype your key. Your key was disabled for licence abuse. To reiterate the previous points for all - if you bought a home use "version-based" licence prior to 2018 and are using on the number of PCs that you bought it for then no-one has "switched anything off". However, if you bought a 1 PC licence and are using it on a half dozen home PCs, have deployed it across your company network, have published it on your blog for anyo
  13. @dottoss @murdog: The answer you seek is right there in what murdog quoted.
  14. ESET Update: Multiple reports from users that ESET/NOD32 has fixed their false positive flagging, although as per @Spartan to ensure you get the fix ASAP you may need to "right click on the ESET icon and choose update so it will update to the latest definitions then restart your computer. Then it won't be detected". To be confirmed, but a similar refresh of your AV should also fix most other major AVs as well. As a side note, we have also had a report from someone who rang ESET customer service that they were told (incorrectly) that 5.66 was blocked due to PUA. I can only imagine th
  15. ... with additional custom modifications for ad blocking, anti-fingerprinting, reduced RAM usage and longer battery life.
  16. @jayzus: 99% of the time that would be due to mistyping the licence information when registering a copy of CCleaner. Keys purchased prior to 2017 were only disabled in the event of a refund, trade-in or licence abuse. If you believe that none of those apply to you then please contact support.
  17. According to VT, the Eset and McAfee false positive flagging that was there an hour ago has now gone. Hopefully this should be reflected for their users shortly https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/2f8e69f891726b373c915faaa4bd45169959c0ee784ad9bf9d38fc9659197341/detection
  18. We've been adding a few browsers recently - Edge Chromium a while back and Vivaldi and Brave in the latest release. Perhaps not surprisingly, we have prioritised work on the CCleaner Browser over the Avast Secure Browser integration
  19. ... or if you buy the three computer CCleaner Professional Plus bundle ... https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on- Note that even if you only have 2 computers, or you have no need of the additional software that comes with the bundle, CCleaner Professional Plus still ends up cheaper and two separate CCleaner Professional licences.
  20. Update: we are in the process of notifying McAfee of the false positive so they can fix it. Note that we have found in the past that having customers poke their respective AV vendors to update themselves can also help speed things along.
  21. We had problems with false positives for the last release as well. AV companies have been pretty slack at keeping their whitelists up to date over the past few weeks.
  22. If you are copying and pasting, then the usual problem of typing the number "1" instead of the letter "I" in your licence key probably isn't the problem. But just checking that you are putting your name and not your email address in the "name" field?
  23. <not an official technical answer> I observe that the C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder contents look like this: ... and going back through historical notes I have not seen reference to ccsystem.dll for 12+ years ... possibly dating back to the days when CCleaner was built in VB. Is it possible that you were either running an extremely old CCleaner, or still have remnants of a very old version sitting in that directory?
  24. @Willy2: sorry, by "alias" I meant if you had, for example, willy@domain, admin@domain both pointing to the same mailbox and two licences each with different registration email addresses. But don't worry about that ... ... because we found the root of the problem. This is the first time we'd sent emails in the Norwegian language to customers and one of the batches was sent to "NL" instead of "NB" because oops. @Willy2 @Nhamsiyuno: Apologies to yourselves and every other customer in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname who may have been confused as to why Piriform apparently mis
  25. @Willy2: Seen a couple of cases of people legitimately getting emails in two different languages if they had purchased two different licences at different times with different email addresses while using different languages each time. Sounds like the second language is unfamiliar to you and that you only ever bought the one - so that's probably not the case here? Can you confirm if in the body of the email each one is referring to a different licence key and came in via a different email alias to your mailbox? If they are they are both for the same licence key and/or email address then w
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