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  1. @Blitzen: The standard messages offering customers a discount for renewing early are currently set to show once every 11-13 days, although there was a "counter reset" for English language users on May 21st when some content was updated, so you may have seen the message twice last week.  I have just rechecked the server logs and aside from the "double-bump" last week the volume of message sends is not currently at any abnormal levels.

    If you are seeing this message "nearly daily" rather than just twice last week then that sounds like a bug of some sort specific to your system configuration.  Most common reasons for any form of over-messaging from CCleaner are:

    • You are using a version of CCleaner that is older than version 5.54 (which patched an overmessaging bug).
    • You have removed from the cookies whitelist within CCleaner our "don't show me this message I have already seen it" cookie.

    If you are still getting repeating messages over the past few days, can I check if each time you are seeing the "renew early" message, does it have the same or different layouts?

  2. @Mark123: I would usually suggest that contacting customer support would be more helpful for billing cases, but I can see that you already did that, and got a response before you posted here.  Although you provided no information to customer support that matched anything in the order history records except your name, date and the price paid, I think they managed to find you anyway - someone is likely to reach out to you again shortly and ask for your post code to confirm (or feel free to jump into the support ticket response with that information to save time on an additional round of to-and-fro).

    If the customer they found is you, then when you purchased CCleaner Professional Plus in May of last year (for up to 3 PCs and/or Macs) you would have seen from your order confirmation that you had a subscription with automatic annual renewal payments, that you have the option to stop at any time. You also received an email from Cleverbridge on April 6th reminding you that they would be billing you, and with a link in there to stop payment.  You could also have stopped the upcoming subscription payment at any time from within CCleaner itself. 

    If you no longer have a use for CCleaner on your PC then the support team will be more than happy to provide a refund once you can confirm which transaction is yours.  For a variety of reasons, having your bank fraud-flag your credit card is probably not an optimal solution for you.


  3. @crios: If you have already checked this link with no success https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional then contact support@ccleaner.com with screenshots of what is going on (don't post your licence details on the public forum).

    Do also check https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup as I think you may have two currently CCleaner Professional Plus licences.  If this was by accident then also ask support to merge those two licences for you.


  4. 2 hours ago, Donkey King said:

    1. Will an automatic update cause my installation of CCleaner to revert to the free edition?

    No it won't.  If you bought prior to 2018 and you're not one of the ~3% of users who have had their keys cancelled over the past 8 years (customer requested a cancellation or a refund, traded in their licence for a bigger one, used it on too many computers, etc) then you're fine. 

    A licence key that has been cancelled will not work on any version of CCleaner.  That said, if anyone does an uninstall/reinstall of CCleaner then the copy of CCleaner on your computer may revert to free or trial due to the local storage of credentials being erased during the uninstallation.  The solution to this is to simply re-register it.  If it says that you key is invalid then the odds are that you need to read this https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional

    2 hours ago, Donkey King said:

    2. Given that the latest version of the CCleaner seems to be working as a fully-licensed application despite my key "expiring" in 2016, is it fair to say that we are, in essence, tacitly grandfathered in, with Piriform retaining the right to kill off this arrangement at any time? Or has there been an explicit grandfathering in of the license?

    "Grandfathering" might be an appropriate description for keys such as yours purchased prior to 2018 - albeit with an asterisk since there is ongoing shouty confusion as to what customers actually had to be grandfathered.  More on this in a moment.

    With regards to your key "expiring" - your rights to use CCleaner have not expired, and they won't.  The software licence that was in place at the time that you purchase makes reference to a 12 month validity period of "services" but no reference to the expiration of the licence key.  So what expired in 2016 (and that you were poked about at the time and probably a few times since then) was the priority support and the updates.  What you bought was a traditional "version-based" licence.  An example of this would be when I bought Microsoft Word 97 as a one-time payment I got a free update to Word 98 when it came out the following year.  I can keep using this version forever (provided that I can find a computer that it will run on) but I didn't have any automatic entitlement to Word 2000 and certainly not to Office 365.

    So if you bought CCleaner Professional on 1 January 2015 then according to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history you would have purchased version 5.01 and be entitled to updates up to version 5.13 only (the version that was current as of 1 January 2016).  That said, for reasons mentioned in previous historical recap post https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/52694-ccleaner-pro-lifetime-licence-why-has-it-expired/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-307441, we have continued to allow pre-2018 licences to update past their entitlement version anyway - for now.  When this world's longest grace period ends then you'll be "grandfathered" to whatever future version is in place at the time.

    2 hours ago, Donkey King said:

    It seems that there was a lot of misshandling by Piriform and Avast, and then some doubling down on the fact that licenses were never lifetime which, if true, was grossly disguised (conciously or otherwise by Piriform)

    Avast keeps getting mentioned, but it has nothing to do with them - as all of this was in place prior to Piriform's acquisition by Avast (eg: the renewal reminder email that you received in 2016).  Although the CCleaner usage entitlement of pre-2018 purchases never expired, licences were still never advertised as "perpetual", "permanent", "lifetime" or "lifetime warranty" as this might have caused confusion as to the nature of the service component (the updates and support).  Keeping in mind that the prevailing software selling model at the time was "version-based" as per the Microsoft Word example above, if we were actually providing a lifetime of free updates and support in additional to the licence that would have been quite a novelty that we would have made a huge song and dance about all over the website.

    Did we end up with a confusing situation anyway - yes we did.  Which is one of the reasons why we said "to hell with it" and went with a full subscription model for new purchases as of 2018.

    In short:

    • There was never anything sold called a "lifetime" licence.
    • If you purchased CCleaner Professional for home use pre-2018 then your key does not expire
    • ... but your bonus update and support services did end after 12 months.


  5. Aside from AV and Windows settings, have you checked your CCleaner options settings?  For example, what are your settings for:

    • Options > Settings > Run CCleaner when the computer starts
    • Options > Smart Cleaning
    • Options > Advanced > Close program after a Custom Clean
    • Options > Advanced > Minimize to System Tray


  6. 10 hours ago, rslatara said:

    Can someone explain why my license has changed recently


    @rslatara: Looks like this was already answered about 4 weeks ago:

    On 20/04/2020 at 21:25, Dave CCleaner said:

    @rslatara: Your issue is of an invalid licence (hence the "invalid licence" notification and the 2000-01-01 expiry date) which is different matter to the other folks in this thread.  If you DM me your key I can have it checked for you.


    ... with some further elaborations on the topic afterwards:

    On 30/04/2020 at 00:09, Dave CCleaner said:

    Keys purchased prior to 2017 were only disabled in the event of a refund, trade-in or licence abuse.  If you believe that none of those apply to you then please contact support.


    ... and ...

    On 01/05/2020 at 01:18, Dave CCleaner said:

    To reiterate the previous points for all - if you bought a home use "version-based" licence prior to 2018 and are using on the number of PCs that you bought it for then no-one has "switched anything off".  However, if you bought a 1 PC licence and are using it on a half dozen home PCs, have deployed it across your company network, have published it on your blog for anyone to use, or have tried to resell the same key to hundreds of people on eBay - you are inevitably going to have a bad time.

    Anyone who may have made a genuine mistake is encouraged to contact support to see what they can do for you (rather than outing yourself in public).


    ... and for those who continued to conflate the two topics and concluded that there was some wicked conspiracy afoot:

    On 03/05/2020 at 18:43, Dave CCleaner said:
    On 03/05/2020 at 17:58, psychopomp1 said:

    They clearly want one-time licence holders of Ccleaner pro to start paying

    Well naturally it would be lovely if they did - but, in the interests of transparency, I would make the observation that of all of the CCleaner Professional licence keys created prior to 2018, less than 3% have been cancelled for any reason (including refunds, licence abuse, etc) since licence revocation started back in 2012.

    One might reasonably conclude that with a cumulative rate of less than 3%, there is probably not some form of nefarious cash grab afoot.


    TL;DR: 1) members of the general public on a peer-support forum are not able to review your licence information - you need to contact support. 2) If you do post a question then you will benefit from taking the time to read the responses.

  7. 13 hours ago, KeepItClean said:

    I'm on Windows 10 Enterprise ... Ccleaner 5.66.7716 is very slow to launch: about 10 seconds

    It should take around 2-3 seconds. If you are disconnected from the internet or have firewall rules set up that block CCleaner from operating then that will slow down startup.  If you are on Windows 10 Enterprise is this a work computer that your IT department may have pushed a configuration change to?

  8. 10 hours ago, Squaresoft said:

    this message about my Expired License started popping up and I lost every single Pro function

    If you purchased your licence before 2018 then the thing that popped up would have said "Your CCleaner service has expired! (An active subscription gives you priority customer support and ensures continued access to the latest version of CCleaner)" ... which if you care not for the support and updates then you can cheerfully ignore and continue to use your old licence like hundreds of thousands of other CCleaner users who purchased prior to 2018 (at least while the version of CCleaner that you are using is still supported by the version of Windows that you are using).

    It sounds like the one that you saw may have been "Your CCleaner License Key is Invalid!" which has absolutely nothing to do with when you purchased it or what CCleaner version you are using.


  9. 16 hours ago, gabby tary said:

    and it keeps charging me every month

    @gabby tary: CCleaner Professional for PCs and/or Macs is an annual subscription, not a monthly subscription.  Monthly subscriptions are only available for CCleaner for Android devices and some CCleaner versions for businesses. 

    If you are being asked to pay again recently after purchasing, then it may be that you have bought but are still using the free version because you have not activated your CCleaner using the licence key that you purchased: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional

    If you think you may have purchased mutiple licences, you can check that quickly here: https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup.  If you have accidentally purchased multiple licences and would like the extraneous one(s) refunded or combined then the support team can take care of that for you, as described above.

    Do not try to phone CCleaner for customer support - the chances are you will Google up the phone number of tech support scam instead.

  10. 49 minutes ago, HenkZelf said:

    Bought a lifetime license

    It's curious - looking back through over 8 years of customer support tickets, we have had customers asking if they can purchase a "lifetime" licence and consistently being told that no such thing exists.  Here is an example from 2012:


    It seems that pretty much from Day 1 of selling CCleaner Professional, we have also had CCleaner users claiming to have purchased a "lifetime licence" (and some of the older cases, oddly, claim to have purchased back from before we were even selling licences).  Over the past several years, when customers have been asked where they saw the word "lifetime" in promotional material it has always been from fly-by-night eBay merchants or other resellers with no connection to Piriform.  Here is an example of one that is about to be removed from eBay for software piracy.


    ... which is all very academically interesting, but largely irrelevant since ...

    49 minutes ago, HenkZelf said:

    Suddenly my license is no longer valid

    ... which is a completely unrelated matter either arising from a data entry error when attempting to register your copy of CCleaner (solutions here https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional) or having had your licence flagged for overuse - about which you can contact support.

  11. @Agamemnon Teng: Hi, this is a public forum for discussions of CCleaner and to seek and provide peer support for technical issues - particularly for the free user base.  So this is not a good place to publish your personal details to the general public 🙂

    There are some CCleaner staff on here (such as myself).  I checked your case and I can see that you did raise two support tickets with Cleverbridge, who forwarded your case to CCleaner customer support, who seem to have responded to you recently.  There was a recent purchase for CCleaner from a customer with a name that seems to be the same as yours, but with a slightly different email address.  Your purchase receipt and licence key were sent to that email address that you provided - it had no numbers in the email address, if that helps you find which of your email addresses to check.

  12. @Richard Hatfield: It can be easy to lose track of things if you have licences attached to multiple email addresses - but you can always pull up your information (licence key, expiry date, etc) for a specific email address from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup

    If you have accumulated multiple licence keys that still have time left on them then the good folks at support@ccleaner.com would be happy to merge and consolidate them for you - be sure to refer to "merge licence keys" in the subject line.  Our US support team shift is just about to knock off for the weekend though, so they probably won't be able to get to it until Monday though.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Anthony Parsons said:

    Spot on Dave, registered no probs when I made sure to highlight the key exactly. Thanks

    @Anthony Parsons: thanks for confirming.  As mentioned above, we've hoping to make that entry field a little more robust in the next release, but in the meantime your case has helped contribute to an updated FAQ file 🙂 https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional

  14. 3 hours ago, Anthony Parsons said:

    I am cutting and past the key.

    I think I may have found a potential data-entry trap with the new format of the licence key input box.  To accommodate different-length keys, the box no longer limits the number of characters that are entered, so it would be possible when copying and pasting to accidentally include some trailing or leading whitespace, eg:


    The developers are already looking at a way to make this field more robust to that sort of thing, but in the meantime, could I get you to check that no stray spaces crept in when you were copy-pasting?


  15. 6 hours ago, hazelnut said:

    I think the bottom line is people these days don't want to be tracked

    ... except that we don't.  Tracking and data collection is the "price of free software" for the likes of Facebook and Google, whose core business is selling advertising space in the most sophisticated way possible - "if you're not the customer then you're the product", etc, etc.  At CCleaner, however, our core business is selling our own software.  We've always had a sideline in flogging other things during the installation process - but that has never been sophisticated 😉

    Since we're not an advertising company, user data is for us the equivalent of nuclear waste.  We can't use it; under the various privacy laws that we are subject to, if we store it then are legally obliged to spend a lot of time and money to maintain it and look after it forever; and if it leaks into the environment then we are in serious trouble.  The most elegant solution to such a problem to simply not collect it in the first place.

    So are you to believe that we give away millions of copies of CCleaner every month solely from a sense of altruism?  Of course not.  To use the current trendy jargon for something that has been around for decades, it's a "Freemium" distribution model (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemium).  While on one hand, only a relatively small percentage of free users will consider the extra benefits of the paid version worth paying for, but on the other we don't have to spend a fortune selling through retail stores or OEM preloads on laptops - where for every $1 spent by the customer, at best 50c (but more usually 15c or less) makes it back to the software developer.

    On a related topic, I am now off for a quick walk around my garden to try and get my step count up on the "free-to-play" mobile game Pokemon Go ... while attempting to resist the temptation to shell out another 99c to Niantic for in-game goodies 🙂 

  16. This is now a two-step process, first the licence key:


    .. and then your name:

    Changing this to two screens in 5.66 was done for future compatibility to changes in the licence system, but also to help provide more specific guidance with registration issues as to whether the problem is that the user needs to correct the entry of their licence key or their name.


  17. 9 hours ago, Spartan said:

    Adding these 2 entries to your HOSTS file will fix the slow startup issue:
 ncc.avast.com ncc.avast.com.edgesuite.net

    While we know that people love to tinker with settings and configurations, please note that blocking bits of CCleaner - either by firewall or by host file entries - may have undesired effects.  Proceed at your own risk.

  18. 6 hours ago, hobbs said:

    Will it continue to work after the next upgrade, or do you have to pay again?

    Automatic updates for 12 months (or 24, if you buy 2 years).  If you have remembered to register your licence key, of course 🙂

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