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  1. @MDK1 We'll need a little bit more information in order to assist you: Which version of Windows are you running? If Windows 10, do you know the Windows 10 version number? What is your present CCleaner version number? Is it a free, paid or trial copy? When did it stop working for you? Was there anything that you installed or changed on your system prior to CCleaner stopping working? Will your existing installation of CCleaner run if you go to C:\Program Files\CCleaner, right-click on CCleaner64.exe and select "Run as Administrator"? What happens when it stops working? Does it appear and disappear after you run it or does it fail to load entirely? Are any error messages displayed? Which AV are you using, and when did you last update it? Are you using a firewall or a custom etc/hosts file and, if so, have you added any rules to block CCleaner? Have you tried installing a fresh copy from https://www.ccleaner.com ?
  2. This is a thread about CCleaner 5.48 and FileHippo - so we might need a little more information from you: What is your present version number? Is it a free, paid or trial copy? When did it stop working for you? Will your existing installation of CCleaner run if you go to C:\Program Files\CCleaner, right-click on CCleaner64.exe and select "Run as Administrator"? Where are you trying to download the latest version (5.83 at the time of writing) from? Can you screenshot where the installer fails or any messages that are received when it does?
  3. For information on how to attach your Google Play subscription to your new or reformatted device: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003915071-How-can-I-activate-a-previously-purchased-CCleaner-Android-Pro-subscription-on-an-alternative-device- Other relevant information may be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/sections/115000990112-Premium-Features https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000247472-How-can-I-restore-my-subscription-for-CCleaner-Pro-for-Android-
  4. Pirated licence keys never work properly anyway, and tend to deliver a worse experience than just using the free version of CCleaner. If the licence key is on YouTube then the chances are that even if it was originally a genuine licence key at one point, it was already disabled months ago.
  5. Note that subscription billing can be instantly cancelled at any time after purchase, either using the cancellation link from your original order confirmation email, from the licence information screen in the CCleaner product console, from the billing reminder that you receive from Cleverbridge 2 weeks before renewal billing occurs, or by contacting customer support. For example, when you signed up for a new CCleaner Professional subscription in July 2000 during the Summer Sale that was on at the time (replacing the one that you originally started in 2018) in your order confirmation email was the following information: On July 3rd you were sent your billing reminder by Cleverbridge which stated the amount that would be charged. This email also had a link to cancel your subscription if you wished, prior to your billing on July 18th. I note that you also received similar billing reminder emails back in July 2019 and July 2020 relating to your original subscription that you started in 2018.
  6. The gcapi dll has been in the CCleaner installer since CCleaner 3.01 - which was released back in October 2010 (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history). Over 10 years ago. So this is not very new.
  7. Would be interesting to know the model numbers of those monitors as well. It is not unknown for for components to be manufacturers by one brand and sold under another.
  8. If you have an unregistered copy of CCleaner on your computer, you can register it via Options > About > Register in the CCleaner console: More information on registration can be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional
  9. If you scroll down on the CCleaner product page (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner) there is a link to download the free version or the trial. Or you can get the trial directly from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/professional (note: this link will automatically start the trial download)
  10. As per the above, if you have lost your licence key, you can either: Check your email for the order confirmation that was sent to you from no-reply@cleverbridge.com (I can see that it was sent to you on the 25th of May, within 60 seconds of you having placed your order for CCleaner Professional for Mac, in addition to it being on the "thankyou" order confirmation page when you placed your order) Or contact customer support to retrieve your licence information for you at support@ccleaner.com (the address was in your order confirmation email, as well as on the order confirmation page after you placed your order) You can also recover your licence key and download information instantly from the Licence Lookup tool at https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup
  11. Si vous avez un abonnement CCleaner Professional et que vous n'avez pas encore profité d'une autre offre de renouvellement de notre part, Cleverbridge vous rappellera environ 2 semaines avant la facturation de votre abonnement pour vous donner la possibilité d'annuler à temps. Si vous vouliez annuler votre abonnement CCleaner, mais que vous avez oublié de le faire, vous pouvez contacter le service client de CCleaner à support@ccleaner.com pour demander un remboursement. If you have a CCleaner Professional subscription, and you have not already taken advantage of some other renewal offer from us, then Cleverbridge will remind you approximately 2 weeks before your subscription billing takes place to give you an opportunity to cancel in time. If you wanted to cancel your CCleaner subscription, but forgot to do so, you can contact CCleaner customer support at support@ccleaner.com to ask about a refund.
  12. There was a documentary in 2016: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gringo:_The_Dangerous_Life_of_John_McAfee There was also talk a couple of years back of a film starring Johnny Depp Michael Keaton Seth Rogan Zac Efron.
  13. Thanks for the update. I am assuming that this started working after the v91 update, but for reference, when you go to secure://settings/help inside CCleaner Browser, can you confirm the version number? eg:
  14. @samb: If you go to secure://settings/help inside CCleaner Browser, what version does it say that you are running at the moment? eg:
  15. Is this happening when using Software Updater, or when trying to update CCleaner itself? If the latter, two suggested solutions here: If neither of those work, let us know a bit more about your setup (Windows version and build, AV and firewall that are currently running, current CCleaner version, etc) and we'll try to find some other things to try for you.
  16. There's a bit in this thread to respond to - so please bear with me while I try to cover them all. CCleaner Browser can only be installed on your system in one of two ways: A user goes to https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser (via one of a variety of methods), reads about CCleaner Browser, and clicks through to download and install. Clicking on "Accept" in an installer or post-update offer. CCleaner and its automatic updates absolutely do not sideload anything. For free users, there may be an large-format offer appearing after the update (for CCleaner Browser or something else) but this has to be "Accept"ed in order for anything to happen. @nukecad's strange-looking swirly loading screen where the offer graphic doesn't appear, but only the Accept/Decline buttons, is an exceptionally rare bug, but one that QA has finally been able to reproduce after torturing some test machines. It has been confirmed that due to the different rendering methods involved, this does not impact the offers presented after an automatic update, but only for new installs and manual updates where a fresh installer is downloaded. Even though the offers display properly for 99.9% of users, that's still thousands of users every week on whom we are not making the best first impression (since in the absence of other information, malice will always be assumed) and we are looking at getting this 100% bulletproofed in an upcoming release. By way of correction, note that the bouncing arrow on the CCleaner download page is actually pointing to the CCleaner installer that you just downloaded so that you can open it from your browser downloads status bar. In some browsers this will be pointing to bottom left of your window: Although in Firefox, recent downloads are kept in the top right instead: This may lead to some confusion for Firefox users as to what exactly they are being prompted to click on, but note that inadvertently clicking on that CCleaner Browser banner will not actually download anything. If you hover over it, you will see that it actually points to the CCleaner Browser product information page https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser. Back to @unknwn and @RobLive: from your description of events, if you have been running an old version of CCleaner (sounds like CC5.67 or earlier?) without any updates that would have brought you to an offer then it sounds like CCleaner Browser may have been installed quite some time ago, never used, and then "woken up" by its own patch update system - although that would not explain why it would suddenly become the default browser. If you still have CCleaner Browser installed, could I trouble you for some followup information please? If you go to to the three dots in the top right, Help and About CCleaner Browser > About CCleaner Browser (or just jump straight to secure://settings/help) and pull up "Diagnostic Information", and copy out the browser_version and uid information for me, we may be able to sleuth what happened for you.
  17. This will happen if you open that link in Chrome. If you open the link in CCleaner Browser (or paste the link into your address bar in CCleaner Browser if you are currently browsing using Chrome) then you'll get it:
  18. "Constant" doesn't sound quite right. If you are using a free version of CCleaner, it will mention that there is a paid version: When you try to access a paid feature (such as scheduled cleaning, multi-user cleaning, the Speed and Security sections of HealthCheck, Software Updater, Driver Updater, etc) After you update CCleaner (after every 2nd or 3rd update - unless there is a sale on or a major feature release). There are also pop-up messages that will appear when there is a sale on with a significant discount offered (such as the Spring Sale, or Black Friday), or a major new feature release such as Driver Updater. These only happen a few times a year, and each message will only appear 1-3 times, depending on the length of the sales period - but never on two consecutive days. If you are seeing sales messages more frequently than this, the most common cause is that you are accidentally wiping our "I've already seen this and don't need to see it again" flag, and the solution provided above will fix this. While there is no setting in CCleaner to stop sales notifications, if it possible since CCleaner 5.71 to reduce them via the privacy settings: Options > Privacy > Offers. Note that after doing this, you may find that "members only" discount prices unavailable to you in the future.
  19. This is probably an accurate count. If you would like to go digging, you can validate this yourself by comparing your Health Check and Custom Clean scan results. For example, if I run a HealthCheck scan I can see: I click to remind myself the types of files that appear under this category in HealthCheck: If I run a Custom clean and compare the results they look pretty much the same: ... and if still skeptical, I can click through and of these rows to get the complete list of actual files to triple-confirm, eg:
  20. For the benefit of future readers, note that extraneous renewal reminders of this nature will generally be due to one of the following things: If an automated subscription extension has just taken place, it can sometimes take up to a few hours to sync this information back to your PC If you have upgraded and received a new licence key, you may need to enter it into your copy of CCleaner, so you don't keep getting reminders about the expiry of the old one. If you have upgraded or purchased a new licence key under a new email address, you may continue to get renewal reminders under your old email address. ... but in each case support@ccleaner.com can sort these out for you :-)
  21. @Campermanwhich version of Kamo are you using (can be found under Menu > Settings) eg:
  22. For almost 11 years (since late 2010), when you install or update the free version of CCleaner, there may be an offer for Chrome or some other software shown. Your assumption is correct - as we declare at the top of the display: CCleaner has quite a large free user base (we don't publish the numbers, but it's larger than the population of most countries) and this helps offset the costs so that we can keep CCleaner free available to everyone. They are marked as an "optional offer", there is no obligation to accept them, and you can certainly click the big blue "decline" button if you don't want it. If you are not a Chrome fan and want a web browser with an Ad Blocker and enhanced protection from tracking, you may prefer CCleaner Browser: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser
  23. You will get occasional renewal reminders coming up to your expiry date with links to loyalty discounts and/or exclusive renewal offers. If there is a sale on, things get a little noisier for a couple of days. The current cashback promotion for renewing customers ends today, so you won't hear back about this one after the "last chance" message. Our cashback offers let us give much bigger effective discounts that we normally be able to provide. There are a couple of extra steps that you need to go through after the purchase, but we have tried to make the process and quick and straightforward as we can to get the rebate paid back to you. We have rebated over $1M to customers over our recent cashback campaigns - so we have the process down reasonably smoothly. The cashback is paid back as a rebate to the same method of payment that you use to place your order. If you purchase the 2 year CCleaner Premium / Kamo bundle (for up to 5 computers), you will receive a code along with the purchase that you can use to process your claim through a web form. You can find more information about how the cashback offer works by scrolling down to read more on the cashback webpage that you visited, and also on https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback/how and https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback/support. Some customers like the additional savings from the cashback, some prefer a straight discount. If the cashback process does not appeal to you, you may receive some form of straight discount offer (albeit with a smaller discount rate) at some point in the future before your licence expires.
  24. Most of the larger brand antivirus software keep their whitelists up-to-date so that shouldn't have been a problem - although occasionally there can be issues when we release a new version and they are running behind. As per the help guide at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional, you can redownload CCleaner Professional from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro - or download the free version from the CCleaner website and register that. Note that you may need to register it again to unlock the Pro features - if you have lost your registration details, you can recover the from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup. As always, the customer support team at support@ccleaner.com is always there to assist customers with a current licence, if you have trouble with the process.
  25. @cchater: This sounds like a different topic to the free update reminders in the thread above. There are only two types of emails that are sent by CCleaner: our public newsletter (if you have signed up for it), and service notifications relating to paid subscriptions - ie: renewal reminders which will generally include some form of discount loyalty offer. Both of these will have an "unsubscribe" link down the bottom of the email if you do longer wish to receive them. There is also a billing reminder issued by Cleverbridge prior to annual subscription billing taking place. Note that paid licences include customer support - so while your licence is still active, if you are having difficulties using CCleaner and require assistance, you can contact customer support (support@ccleaner.com) with details and they will be more than happy to help.
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