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  1. @Dusty54: I checked and can see that you raised a tickets as a free user over the weekend.   You followed up a second ticket on Tuesday, and a third separate ticket 20 hours ago, also as a free user.

    On each occasion you would have been notified that (emphasis added):


    Please note that we prioritise requests from our customers with active paid subscriptions.  If you are a paid subscriber but have contacted us from an email address other than the one associated with your account with us, please reply to this email to add your Cleverbridge order reference number (or your GPA order number if you purchased CCleaner for Android via Google Play) to ensure that we can respond to you in a timely fashion.  If you wish to add any other information to your request, then you can also do so by simply replying to this email.  Please note that opening multiple new requests may delay our response.


    Since none of those tickets were from your account email, response would be delayed, as you were advised.  Also the first one was over the weekend, and our customer support desk currently only operates on weekdays at the moment. 

    You raised a 4th ticket 17 hours ago from a different email address where you did provide your order number and I note that you received a response within 40 minutes - which seems like a pretty reasonable response time for the priority queue.

    As @nukecad points out, as per https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039530092-Will-I-lose-any-time-on-my-subscription-if-I-take-an-offer-to-renew-early- it can take up to 15 days for the system to automatically extend licences.  Looking now I can see your licence ending YVVF running until 25 July 2021 - which sounds right.  You can confirm this at https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup

  2. 8 hours ago, nukecad said:

    As you say you currently have 'suspend inactive tabs' set to ON then try setting it to OFF

    This.  The suspending active tabs function is specifically to stop inactive tabs grinding away in the background devouring RAM, CPU cycles and battery as other browsers are often wont to do.

    8 hours ago, nukecad said:

    What, typically, is in these 20 tabs that you have open?

    And this is probably the key "is it a bug or a feature" question - especially if the pages are of the type that are constantly dynamically refreshing themselves, live streams, etc. @SSL: specific cases to point the devs at would be very handy, please.

  3. 5 minutes ago, bespoke interiors said:

    chill out

    Everyone be nice.  For context, a community site for a software utility with a mammoth user base, such as this one, can be quite a magnet for "SEO consultants" and the mods spend an outsize percentage of their time swatting spammers for dietary supplements, etc.  As "teaser" posts often end up being a prelude to advertising, they get understandably nervous when solution posts lack details.

    Also it's nice to share the details for the benefit of others 🙂 So welcome!

  4. 7 hours ago, Sandra CCleaner said:

    Please contact our support team on support@ccleaner.com and we can look into this for you in more detail.

    ... if you have an active paid support licence for Recuva.  Otherwise, we can try some things on here.

    Have you tried right-clicking the installer file and "run as administrator"?

  5. 1 hour ago, HGVord said:

    With "slim-version" I meant that I couldn't use the normal installer anymore because of bloatware (or whatever) which was never included before.

    The slim installer was created because as of CCleaner 3.01, ESET objected to the Chrome toolbar offer that was present in the full installer - although this was removed back in version 5.58.  For a couple of versions, the slim installer was needed to successfully install on Windows XP and Vista - but was 5.64.7577 was the last CCleaner version to support those operating systems. The only remaining use-case for the slim installer is for compatibility with some screenreader software for the visually impaired.  For anyone else it is essentially a placebo - but not a very good one, since any problems with the configuration of your computer (eg: blocking the CCleaner messaging server) that would stop the full installer from running would also have an adverse impact on the operation of CCleaner as well.

    1 hour ago, HGVord said:

    So I just have to take your word for it that it doesn't do what it shouldn't do?

    If you are in a country like the USA where the privacy laws are rather lax, compared to where we are in Europe, then I can understand your skepticism.  But, you don't have to take our word for it.  Feel free to lodge a GDPR request for a copy of all data we have on you if you like - but I have probably spoiled the surprise on what you will see in my previous post 😉 

    1 hour ago, HGVord said:

    if you can block IP's from North Korea tells me that you at least collect the IP address every time CCleaner is started

    You have been told incorrectly - unless you regard any hit of any sort of an web server (such as viewing a page on a website) as IP collection. This is a real-time inspection with nothing retained.  It is also a legal requirement for export compliance - while I am sure that folks in the impacted countries would benefit from CCleaner, as a distributor of free software we really don't have the budget to pay out the fines for violations of the Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations.

    1 hour ago, HGVord said:

    That means CCleaner is CLEARLY connected to Avast

    There's no secret that Avast owns Piriform. When any company buys another one there are efficiency gains made - as such we share their drinks fridge, they use our ping-pong table, and we piggy-back off a corner of their CDN server to save on bandwidth costs.  Lots of companies buy and sell other companies like trading cards - Unilever owns Marmite, Ben&Jerry's ice cream, and three nominally rival brands of tea, for example.  The mining company BHP owned Fosters brewing for a while - and I can assure you there was no coal secretly added to the beer.

  6. There would appear to be some misconceptions in this thread.  For example:

    11 hours ago, HGVord said:

    When they started a couple years ago with telemetry/data-collecting

    There has been some form of telemetry collected since December 2010, starting with licence activation counts. Despite persistent urban myths to the contrary, this has actually been actually wound back significantly after Avast showed up on the scene.

    12 hours ago, HGVord said:

    I changed to the slim-version

    As @nukecad pointed out, that didn't make any difference, by the way.

    12 hours ago, HGVord said:

    and blocked everything in the firewall

    The in-product telemetry data can be "blocked" more gracefully, and without breaking anything, by simply opting out through Options > Privacy in CCleaner 5.46 or higher. Since the telemetry only collects an aggregated tally count of how many users use what features, the best real world analogy would be voting.  No-one knows who you vote for in an election or referendum - and if you choose not to vote then you have chosen to have your opinion ignored in favour of those who do.

    CCleaner does not collect any personal information on our users, except for some minimal information required to maintain licence subscriptions for our paying customers.  And we have never sold any customer data. (All other factors aside, this would only be of interest to our competitors, and we are generally disinclined to give them this sort of assistance.)

    We have no use for your personal data, and under the various privacy laws that we are subject to, if we did collect and store it (y'know, just in case it might be useful later for something) then we are legally obliged to spend a lot of time and money to maintain it and look after it forever.  With a user base larger than the population of most countries, that would be exceedingly tedious and burdensome - so we don't collect it at all. It would also look rather odd for a performance and privacy tool to do so.

    For more information on all of this, you can refer to the CCleaner data fact sheet: https://www.ccleaner.com/about/data-factsheet

    Under law you can, of course, request a copy of all of the data that CCleaner holds on you if you'd like to check it.  To save you some time though:

    2 hours ago, nukecad said:

    Would you block your cars cooling system (put a nosecone on to make your car more aerodynamic say) and then complain to the manufacturer that their engine was getting too hot?

    Exactly this.  If you are blocking the web service components that CCleaner needs to operate (in the mistaken belief that you need to do so to block the telemetry that you have already switched off) then, yeah, you are going to have problems.  The primary use-cases for a firewall or hosts file block of CCleaner are:

    1. A user with a pirated serial key who doesn't want a NACK signal back from the licence server.
    2. A user in North Korea trying to circumvent the trade sanctions geo-blocking.

    ... neither scenario we are particularly motivated to assist.


    TL;DR: don't be this guy


    • @Yllek: CCleaner for Mac keys also start with a C.  If what you have was labelled as "CCleaner Professional for Mac" specifically on your receipt then you should be fine.  If it only says "CCleaner Professional" (without "Plus" or "Mac") then contact support (support@ccleaner.com) requesting an exchange.

    • 6 hours ago, ht1seals said:

      I have Windows 10 home, version 2004, OS build 19041.329, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2202.130.0 and Norton 360 and it is the up to date and CCleaner 568 does nothing I get the white screen.

      Annotation 2020-06-30 074711.jpg

      Is this blank screen the first one you see?  Or the second one after the one with the licence agreement, customise link, etc?  Was this downloaded from CCleaner.com or a third party website? Have you had any difficulties in the past with previous versions of CCleaner?  Have you customised your hosts files or your firewall software to block your computer from reaching any of our web servers?

    • 6 hours ago, Rocky said:

      Norton and PC Matic

      CCleaner will peacefully co-exist with any correctly maintained antivirus software (ie: kept up-to-date by both the developer and the user).  However multiple always-on antivirus software will generally not peacefully co-exist with each other.  Sounds like Norton and PC Matic may be too busy fighting over whose turn it is to check CCleaner to let you open it.  Try switching one off (and ensuring the other is up to date)

    • Depends on whether this is a CCleaner Professional licence key (starts with a "C") or CCleaner Professional Plus licence key (starts with a "P").  CCleaner Professional Plus keys will work on both Windows and Mac.  CCleaner Professional keys are for Windows or Mac and one won't work on the other.  More details here https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional

    • 10 hours ago, UserTaken said:

      I've tried to cancel my subscription under license information, but it seems to continue to stay active. It was off before and I would have liked for it to expire. This is ridiculous.

      Note that this is a public forum - so for specific assistance with your account you are best off contacting CCleaner customer support (support@ccleaner.com) with requests relating to you subscription.

      There are a couple of different ways to cancel your subscription - via the product or via the cleverbridge purchase confirmation, or their pre-billing notification email.  If you cancel through us then we notify Cleverbridge that your auto-extension should be cancelled, and it shows up on your account status if you click through from Licence Information in CCleaner.

      However, for some reason if you cancel through Cleverbridge, they don't always notify us. That means that while the autoextension is still really cancelled (since Cleverbridge controls that) the billing may still show up as active in our view of your account status.  This is naturally unsettling and something that we are working on fixing with Cleverbridge at the moment since, amongst other things, it generates a lot of tickets to our customer support demanding that we cancel something that has actually been cancelled.

      In your case I was able to look you up on Cleverbridge and can see that you received a pre-billing reminder from Cleverbridge on 16 May, were billed 30 May, and cancelled future billing extensions on 29th June (approximately 12 hours ago).  I can confirm with 100% certainty that your billing status is, at the time of writing, indeed deactivated as you wish it to be.



    • 2 hours ago, bwer1233 said:

      Piriform is currently on the up-and-up

      You might form the impression that in its early years, Piriform may not have thought through its licensing model properly, and that the notion of restricting paying users to 12 months of updates while free users can update their product indefinitely was probably quite daft, or at the very least awkward. And you would be right.  Which was why we went to the cleaner subscription model for new sales in 2018 and after.

      20 hours ago, bwer1233 said:

      Why does my (and others receipts posted above) list "software updates" on the list of products purchased [...] If there was a term on said updates, I should have been able to find that somewhere

      The term limit for updates on those home-user licences sold up to the end 2017 was 12 months, as specified in the software licence.  An argument could be made that the 12 month period should have been explicitly mentioned in the product description.  A counter argument could be made that at that time, the notion of a lifetime of free updates would have been so unusual that no reasonable person would assume that a company would gift such a thing to them unless it was a headline in the sales pitch (cf: my previous Microsoft Word example). 

      However, ultimately these are both positions of little practical interest, given Piriform's ongoing desire to ensure that legacy licence holders have an ongoing experience and functionality that is, at the very least, no worse than that of free users - which means that legacy licences can currently still be manually updated.  At this point, the future direction is most likely to be that this will continue, and that the paid features that were present in 2018 (eg: automatic browser cleaning, scheduled clean, multi-user profile cleaning) will remain enabled but that the web-service features introduced in 2019 and after (currently Software Updater, and the Speed and Security sections of Health Check) would be withdrawn.

      20 hours ago, bwer1233 said:

      I can no longer get software updates on my product

      Do you mean according to the EULA, or as per your experience?  You are getting an error message when you attempt to register your CCleaner licence key?

      20 hours ago, bwer1233 said:

      One of the products I listed in my first comment does cut off updates after 3 years, but that is clearly listed on the receipt

      Sounds like the 3 year CCleaner Professional licence that was briefly available for sale from December 2018 to November 2019?  Having been sold post January 2018, that would be why the clearer receipting.

    • On 25/06/2020 at 17:12, domisiho said:

      and how i can use automatically update in background? without any notify??


      The built-in "new version" notifications that look like this ...


      ... can be controlled under Options > Updates > Product Updates > Show me notifications ...


      ... although if you leave it for too long (usually 3-6 months) between updates, you will still be poked by the "out of date" pop-ups.

      As per the screenshot above, the automatic product updates is a paid feature, and unlocked with CCleaner Professional:


    • 16 hours ago, Prids said:

      The crashes came back, and I was even more startled to find that the MiniDump reported the culprit as CCLeaner64.exe.

      @Prids: This looks like an odd one. Which Windows 10 build were you using on the affected machine?  And which which build version on the two that are still ticking along fine?

      Are there any other notable differences between your different computers in terms of the other software installed - particularly AV, firewall or any other "always on" system utilities? And are you able to provide an extract of the relevant section of the dump file for us to review please?

    • @bwer1233: I would be curious to know the nature of the injury that you believe has been done to you, and the remedy that you would be seeking?  If you bought a home-use licence of CCleaner Professional in 2018 or later, when we started selling CCleaner by subscription, the term was clearly stated in the product selector, cart, item description and the purchase receipt, eg:


      Assuming that you purchased a home use licence of CCleaner Professional in 2017 or earlier (when new purchases were not yet on a subscription basis) there was indeed no term listed.  Naturally, I can see how that would be problematic if a term was then subsequently applied to the continued use of the product that was purchased - that's changing the rules mid-game, moving the goalposts, "not cricket", etc.  However, as I have attempted to clarify on several occasions over the past 12+ months, no such term was retrospectively applied, and no such term will be applied in the future to such "legacy" licences.

      So if the remedy you are seeking is that your right to use the home use product that you purchased in 2017 or earlier not be subject to any time-based limitation now or in the future - done! 

    • @APMichael: FYI, this has been in the development backlog for a couple of months, so it has been on the devs' radar. It was mentioned in passing in a meeting I was at earlier this week that it's now actively under investigation in the current development sprint, so depending on whatever code complexities and inter-dependencies may be involved that probably means that it will bubble out at some point over the next couple of releases.

    • 6 hours ago, billjf said:

      The pop up I'm talking about is the one that periodically comes up at the bottom right hand side of the screen getting me to update to the Pro version

      The "buy me" popups will generally only appear a few times a year - and only if there is a noteworthy sales on.  They will usually contain words like "sale" or "discount" or "price" and have a call to action button with a word like "buy" in it.

      Sounds like what you are referring to is not the pitch to buy the Pro version, but the service notifications telling you, as a free user, that there is a new version of CCleaner available for free download - eg: if you are on 5.67 now that 5.68 has been released. There is a plain text one that pops shortly after the new version is released, and if you are more than a few versions out of date there will also be some higher visibility ones titled along the lines of "Your CCleaner is out of Date" and will have a call to action button with words like "update now".  Clicking may take you directly to the free download or it may take you to a page where you are invited to take the opportunity to also upgrade to the paid version - if this happens and you are not interested in buying then you can "nope" your way through to get to the free download that you're after.

      We always recommend that our users update to the latest version, or at the very least never fall more than 6 months behind.  Cleaning is a perpetually moving target, with new releases of the software and OS that we clean up after meaning that if you fall too far behind with your CCleaner version then our effectiveness can start to diminish.  

    • So that big white empty box in OP's first post looks like the "would you like fries with that" screen in the installer. 

      Just for some context, the free version of CCleaner is subsidised by showing ads to some users on a CPA model - if enough users say "yes" to the fries (currently either Avast free antivirus, AVG free antivirus or an Avast VPN trial) and they use it, like it and eventually end up buying it then we earn enough to keep the servers running (or, better yet, as we did last year, start replacing the ones that were creaking at the seams with shiny new ones).

      Previously that was a banner at the bottom of the first screen of the installer that some people would miss and accidentally say "yes" to fries that they didn't actually want and then would immediately uninstall it - which meant that they didn't use it, didn't like it and certainly didn't buy it.  So we didn't get paid and the users got angry, which was a bit of a lose-lose situation all round.

      So we overhauled the whole thing and put the offers on their own screen* with clear accept and decline buttons and as a safety measure the whole thing served as a single object so that in the event of a slow internet connection or some other connectivity mishap there should, in theory, be no way that a user could skip through the process without seeing the "fries" offer.  So while in a way it is "good" that the safety measure seems to be working for @R_Ansar, even on the slowest internet connection, the ~100kb of frame content should not take so long to load that it would take more than a couple of seconds for the content to appear.  Unless the server had temporarily choked - but even then I would not expect to see it happen on multiple install attempts.
      * yeah, we know, except for the Chrome offer.  While that is also on a CPA model (you have to actually use the thing before we get paid), that's a whole 'nother thing and still work in progress because of Reasons.

      On 03/06/2020 at 19:41, R_Ansar said:

      EDIT: I forgot to  mention that yes it was up until about three or four months ago it started working just fine

      That was the timeframe when we rolled out this new offer layout (from the 5.64 release in March of this year).  @R_Ansar: did you have any problems with installing CCleaner on version 5.62 or earlier at any time prior to September 2019? 

      On 31/05/2020 at 05:35, R_Ansar said:

      Win 10 Pro x64 version 1909, windows Defender.

      Okay so that doesn't sound like one of the "outdated AV" issues we've seen with some third-party AV software. @R_Ansar: Do you have a firewall running that might be blocking the server that delivers this content?  Any edits to the Windows hosts file to NULL-map any of our servers so that they can't be reached?  Although using the "slim installer" cuts out the "fries" screen, if the root cause is a blocking of the servers then this may lead to some oddities using the product itself after it is installed, as the same servers that deliver the "fries" content are also used to serve up some of the in-product content as well.

      9 hours ago, jamieresearch said:

      I tried the "Slim" option, as suggested above, same

      @jamieresearch: okay that is another layer of odd since there is no "fries" screen on the slim installer.  Is blank screen the first one you see?  Or the second one after the one with the licence agreement, customise link, etc? Could I trouble you to screenshot it for me please?

    • All excellent suggestions, and you will be pleased to know that we already thought of them.

      3 hours ago, Mors said:

      I can't log into YOUR site and view / see my subscriptions and software licenses

      It is, admittedly, not particularly well labelled, but you can retrieve information on all of your licences, their registration information, expiry dates and download links at any time from https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup by providing the email address that you used when you purchased CCleaner.  Note that since this is sent to your email address there is no need for a separate password to access this information.  (This is by design - we know that users recycle passwords between systems and we really don't want to be responsible for looking after millions of them.)

      3 hours ago, Mors said:

      I was furious that I had to cancel my previous years subscription just to renew my software to the next years subscription at the discounted rate you were running at the time. 

      That would have been frustrating - so I am probably going to be worsening your irritation level by telling you that you didn't actually have to go through that.  Read on to find out more ...

      3 hours ago, Mors said:

      Your renewal model doesn't include any specials you maybe running at the time

      A couple of months before a customer's licence is due to expire, we start actively promoting early-bird/customer loyalty discount offers - both by email and pop-up messages from the CCleaner product itself.  Generally speaking, the best value offers are only available to existing customers, but if one of the public offers catches your eye then of course feel free to grab it at any time. 

      3 hours ago, Mors said:

      I just renewed for another year but I would like to add years to my subscription

      If it is the same level product that you currently have (CCleaner Professional to CCleaner Professional, or CCleaner Professional Plus to CCleaner Professional Plus) or it is an upgrade (CCleaner Professional to CCleaner Professional Plus) and you do this within 90 days of when your existing licence is due to expire then the system will assume that your intention was to use this as a renewal, and will credit the remaining time from your old licence onto your new one.  Outside of this period the system does not make such assumptions, but if you email the CCleaner support team (support@ccleaner.com) from your registered email address with "merge licences" in the subject line somewhere we have people managing a constant stream of these requests.  See here for details: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039530092-Will-I-lose-any-time-on-my-subscription-if-I-take-an-offer-to-renew-early-

      One glaring omission from the CCleaner product console, however, is a "renew" button - you have to wait until one of the renewal offers pops up, which might not always be at the most convenient time.  The designers have been working on how this would be best integrated into the product console over the past few weeks and prototypes went through user testing earlier this week.  I would expect to see this appear in the product in one of our releases later this year.

      4 hours ago, Mors said:

      Allowing a fulfillment house to process orders and deliver the software isn't cutting it

      I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one.  Handling the licence and subscription management is indeed part of our core business, but the transaction processing is best done through a specialist online reseller.  If we don't want to be looking after passwords then we really really do not want to be looking after credit card numbers.  That only makes sense for large enterprises doing over $1B a year in transactions, who can absorb the overhead of properly managing their own in-house e-commerce platform, or small businesses under < $1M a year.  Anyone in-between is asking for trouble ...



    • 7 hours ago, GeorgeP said:

      Current price for a next year licence renewal for Professional and Professional Plus

      If you have picked up a copy of CCleaner Professional or Professional Plus at an introductory discount then the following year of the subscription will be billed at the full price - ie: the strikethrough price when you ordered.  In the US this is currently $24.95 (plus sales tax) and $39.95 (plus sales tax respectively).

      While introductory discounts are common with any subscription, it is always irksome for existing customers to see lower prices out there for new customers - so starting a couple of months before that renewal hits you'll get a couple of member-exclusive discount offers - keep an eye out for those.

      4 hours ago, GeorgeP said:

      Good to know that you do not lose the "Pro" features if you do not renew on time

      That only really applies to the "legacy" customers who bought before 2018.  For everyone who bought since then it is supposed to be a hard stop if you let the licence lapse - although we had a grace period which got itself temporarily extended given the current economic circumstances.

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