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  1. To confirm, are you using CCleaner Free or CCleaner Professional Trial? The Software Updater is a paid feature (released in version 5.55 in March), so if you are on the free version, when you go to Tools > Software Updater and click "Update" it should be popping up with a message rather than letting you proceed with updating the listed software. .. and even for paid users you still need to click the button to update the software selected - it's not automatic.
  2. FYI, Chromium Edge is in the queue. Although until it is actually released to the general public, tuning and tweaks for Chrome etc will tend to come higher up on the priorities list.
  3. Are you running on Windows 10 and had an update recently? I recall Windows 10 being highly problematic for Microsoft Money users. Also, did you try checking the internet and browser settings from within MS Money itself?
  4. @yohanna BTW, just to check - you are running the latest CCleaner for Mac 1.15? Also, are you running MacOS 10.14 Mojave or an earlier version?
  5. "the CCleaner software does not keep any track of where you have been - it only checks where you are at a particular time when you try to use it." So no. No it doesn't. IP addresses are checked and then discarded.
  6. Some people use the hosts file to manually block internet hosts. This can interfere with the proper functioning of software that relies on retrieving information from the servers in question.
  7. If this was on a PC I would recommend that you try our free Recuva file recovery tool (https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva). Unfortunately, we do not have a file recovery tool for the Mac. Freshly deleted files have an extremely high chance of recovery. Uncertain what there is in the way of free file recovery software for the Mac though. Try here? https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/mac-software/best-data-recovery-apps-3681531/
  8. @flippertie thanks for this - outlining your test scenarios in this fashion was extremely helpful. Your third time around showed the intended behaviour. The second install attempt displaying the Avast offer would have checked for existing AV before offering, but seems to have failed to detect your Trend Micro since it was switched off at the time. I am concerned with what happened the first time around though - that would certainly be a "bug not a feature". To help us replicate this scenario, are you able to confirm: Can you recall which 5.4x version you were updating from?
  9. "Buy Now" messages will identify themselves as such, with mentions of price or savings if there is a promotion going on at the time. If you are using an outdated version of CCleaner Free you will receive notifications that a newer version has been released, particularly if you are on an extremely old version. The link there will take you to a page where you have the option to purchase CCleaner Pro for the additional features, automatic updates and priority support - but you can also "no thanks" your way through to downloading the update for free.
  10. Just by way of an update - a fix for impacted users is expected by mid next week.
  11. This is a false positive. VirusTotal results need to be interpreted with care - detection by a single AV engine out of the 71 (or by a couple that sublicence each other's pattern files) generally indicates that nothing is actually wrong, especially if a file has been around long enough for everyone else to "catch up" if there really is a problem. Notice that despite being released over a year ago, Speccy 1.32 is not detected as having any issues by any of the major AV vendors. The three that do are triggered by presence of the Google toolbar offer in the install file. For reference, the
  12. Just by way of background, companies required to enforce export restrictions do not each maintain their own global geoIP lookup databases but rely on specialist providers such as the ones mentioned above. And to be extra-safe, most will use more than one and go with the most conservative. IP range owners need to inform the geoIP databases provider of outdated information to avoid adversely impacting their customers. Also worthy of note is that the CCleaner software does not keep any track of where you have been - it only checks where you are at a particular time when you try to
  13. SSDs are more prone to wear, so it is not recommended to do things like this on a regular basis to them. Every now and then won't hurt. Note that this is not a maintenance activity, but rather a one-off way to torch sensitive files after deletion.
  14. Additionally: The latest download can be found here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/standard And if you bought your licence directly from us (via Cleverbridge), you can recover any lost licence key using the email address that you used to purchase here: https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup.
  15. Meh. Ours is better. Back to the thread topic though ... For readers in the London area who want to play a part in CCleaner development, we do invite users to the office now and then to see what they think of new features that are under development. DM me with your details if you'd like to participate in the next round. And also if you're a developer who would like a heads-up next time we're hiring.
  16. ... actually you'd be working for Piriform. Despite rumours to the contrary, Piriform does still exist - although we generally just call ourselves "CCleaner" since that's the name that people know better. With the user base continuing to grow, so does the CCleaner team. When new full-time positions come up they are usually at the London office and advertised on LinkedIn.
  17. We have had a few reports of this. Just to confirm - were you connected to the internet the whole time? Have you made any custom tweaks to CCleaner registry entries or blocks in your Windows hosts file?
  18. Since 2010 there has been a third-party offer of some sort in the CCleaner installer to help pay the bills ... and since 2010 people have been asking why offers have "suddenly" started to appear. These days most users don't see a third-party offer in the CCleaner installer - not because it's mysteriously hidden, but because there are some smarter rules set up in the installer not to bother offering something if the user has already seen that offer in the past x months, if they've already got it installed, or (in the case of AV) if they seem to already have an alternative running. (And of
  19. For those who like graphs, estimate of Windows 10 version uptake rate as of April https://reports.adduplex.com/#/r/2019-04
  20. You may have been given a fresh activation key when you renewed your subscription? If so be sure to use that new one. If you are still having problems, paid customers such as yourself can get direct personal priority customer support here. They can sort out any weirdness that may be happening with your account.
  21. Also, are you able to confirm which version of Windows 10 you are running? 1803, 1809 or the new 1903? If you have recently updated Windows 10, which version of CCleaner were you running before the update, and was everything running smoothly then?
  22. After two years the chances are slim, but it depends on how much overwriting may have happened in that time - size of the video file(s), how much other stuff has been written to that hard drive during that time and how much free hard drive space you have had. Be sure to run Recuva as a Deep Scan
  23. If you are downloading and opening Recuva on your mobile phone, your phone will not know what to do with it. You need to download and run it on your PC.
  24. Thanks for your sleuthing. Can you DM me the clean and corrupted .ini files? I'll shoot them over to the devs on Monday to see if they can trace a root cause for a fix.
  25. The Software Updater was a popular addition and we've been looking at how to expand it further. Driver Updates seems like a logical step. Of course, having built something like that there would be a bit of work in keeping it up-to-date across all of the different devices and hardware manufacturers - so it will depend on demand.
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