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  1. Indeed. Which is why previous comments were referencing the old EULAs from the various years that the customers purchased. CCleaner Professional has never been marketed as a "lifetime" or "perpetual" licence. That term seems to have popped up from its use by folks selling cracked or pirated copies online. Needless to say, pirated software does not come with any form of manufacturer warranty ... To re-re-recap, if you bought in 2017 or earlier then you bought by version and can keep using the version that you bought for as long as you like. As was commonly the case at the time,
  2. We started nudging users about this a bit over 3 ½ years ago (July 2016) ... so not exactly sudden, although we haven't been particularly insistent on the matter.
  3. Just a note re the question that was originally asked, note that older CCleaner versions (below 5.46) are not compatible with the newer versions of Windows 10.
  4. @Luciano Sartoris: customer support (support@ccleaner.com) can help you with this request, and they will respond in Italian. However I would note that: The licence key ending with "QIFF" was cancelled in November after you requested a refund. The licence key ending with "KIFF" is valid, but note that it is a capital letter "i" there in the serial number, and not the number "1". L'assistenza clienti (support@ccleaner.com) può aiutarti con questa richiesta e risponderanno in italiano. Tuttavia, vorrei notare che: La chiave di licenza che termina con "QIFF"
  5. @McFly: I had answered this last year (further up the thread) but to summarise the highlights, assuming that you are a home user and not a business: If you bought on 29 May 2014 then you bought by version rather than by subscription (would have been version 4.14 at the time) and as with any software product sold by version, you can continue to use the version that you bought indefinitely (at least for the OS that it was built for) It would have come with 12 months of updates (up to version 5.06) and 12 months of support - which ended 29 May 2015. It is that service component
  6. The generic usual suspects for a problem like this would be: Did you buy CCleaner Professional for the PC and tried to enter the serial onto a Mac? Did you copy-paste your serial number from the email instead of typing it in - those capital letter "i"s can look a lot like "1"s on most screen fonts, so it is easy to make a mistake when typing it in by hand. ... and, as happens now and then ... did you buy from Piriform/CCleaner/Cleverbridge or from some shady fellow on eBay offering a too-good-to-be-true cheap price?
  7. @Mike J H: apparently this issue is not unique to CCleaner. Seems similar to the Windows 10 "S Mode" where users are locked to installing software from their app store. Have you tried the solutions in this article here: https://www.minicreo.com/mac-uninstaller/app-cannot-be-opened-on-macos-catalina.html ?
  8. Actually, the "fix" was back in October of last year (and mentioned in the release notes at the time). The structure of installer offer was overhauled and it worked a treat - we saw a huge reduction in the accidental installs that were no good for anyone. After piloting it for a couple of weeks we took it down pending some back end tweaks, but rather than revert to the old model we stopped the offers entirely in the interim. No-one would have seen one for the past 3½ months unless, as Andavari mentioned, you dig up an old installer - in which case, naturally, you would still be seeing an ol
  9. @mlind99: Since the licence server was replaced last year, the cases that still come through to the customer support team on this ("I bought but still get asked to buy", "I renewed but still get told that I expired") are always down to not registering the serial key that came through on the order confirmation from Cleverbridge. This mainly applies to new purchases, but also to upgrades and repurchases from existing customers where a fresh serial number was issued. For users upgrading from free to paid you need to go into the CCleaner product console and navigate to Options > About &g
  10. That would be another newsbot re-re-re-reposting of their 2017 article with nothing in it that has been relevant for the past 18 releases. Or, as the fish from Finding Nemo might put it:
  11. @Mernatti If the licence lookup doesn't work for you then, assuming that you purchased from CCleaner via Cleverbridge, support@ccleaner.com will be able to assist if you can provide them with the name and email address you used to purchase, and (if possible) the order confirmation number you would have received after your purchase completed.
  12. Did you try safe mode with networking?
  13. Things to check: Be sure to copy-paste the licence key rather than typing it by hand. Some of the letters can look like numbers and vice versa when printed. Make sure that the name entered matches your order confirmation as well. If your previous registration used the name "Greg" but this purchase was "Gregory", for example, then it will also declare that your information is incorrect. That tends to solve 99% of cases. If all else fails and there is actually something wrong with your serial key that needs fixing then customer support can help at support@ccleaner.com.
  14. ... usually about once a month, in order to keep users up to date with the latest cleaning rules and for compatibility with software changes, etc. That said, sometimes there will be as little as 3 weeks between versions; and the last update was about 11 weeks ago - so the frequency varies. You can see the update history for CCleaner here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history While we do recommend sticking to the latest version, it is not the end of the world if you are lagging a version of two behind and only update every couple of months. That said, if you are getting fre
  15. @GammyB Short answer: yes. Longer answer: The serial key that you get with the CCleaner Pro Plus bundle (which covers 3 PCs) will work on CCleaner for PC and CCleaner for Mac - so you can use it on up to 3 PCs; up to 3 Macs; 2 PCs and 1 Mac; etc. But: The additional products - Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy are only for PC and do not work on the Mac. That said, even without those, if you have more than one PC or Mac then the CCleaner Pro Plus is still a better deal for the CCleaner part. The bundle installer file that you get sent when you buy CCleaner Pro Plus is currently o
  16. Also, you can always download from https://www.ccleaner.com/download
  17. Assuming that filename is the MD5 hash then https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/fa2d7d3123a488949ab5ed5991c2caa2. Which does indeed flag for FusionCore ... but is also FileZilla not CCleaner
  18. You don't need a password - just your email address and the name and serial number from your order confirmation email. You can get new download links for your products from here: https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup/download-finder. Instructions on how to enter your serial key on your other PCs can be found here: https://www.ccleaner.com/support/ccleaner#204043844
  19. To reiterate from previous posts: There is no such thing as a "lifetime licence" of any Piriform/CCleaner product Piriform/CCleaner have never advertised any of its products as being a "lifetime licence" Products purchased from 2011-2017 were sold under a traditional "by version" model which (depending on where you purchased your product from) may have included 12 months of free updates and priority support. This allowed home users to continue to use the version that they purchased (and up to 12 months of updates later) indefinitely, but this service component required a ren
  20. @SCM 95% of problems with registering keys are usually due to manually transcribing serial keys instead of copy-pasting them - "I"s look like "l"s or "1"s, "5"s look like "S"s, etc. Also check the serial key that you are trying to use. I took a quick look and it seems that in October you purchased 2 years of CCleaner Professional and received a serial key starting with C2YW - not Professional Plus which is for 3 PCs. Unless you bought Professional Plus using a different email address, in which case you may have two subscriptions going. Either way - support@ccleaner.com can sort you out
  21. If you are after the password to log into the support centre, this is being removed since it doesn't actually do anything. You can get a copy of your licence key, get a new download link, or submit a request to support from https://support.piriform.com/ without logging in.
  22. Using a VPN and/or an antitrack feature (such as the one in CCleaner Browser) can an excellent idea when shopping online to stop merchants from "optimising" your price. However it can be highly problematic if you browsing as if you are from another country when it comes to computing sales tax. Apparent irregularities can also arise if you somehow land on a US$ page but end up being corrected to AU$, NZ$, CA$ or S$ when you click through to the cart. Computing Black Friday discount prices across different products and 18 different currencies can mean that something will go a bit odd.
  23. @Cust123It looks like you submitted a request on Friday, your case was escalated on Sunday and you should have had a response from the support team at about the same time as you posted this. Did their response solve your problem?
  24. Anyone who was having trouble up to yesterday morning, there had been intermittent problems with the licence server (which has now been replaced by a shiny new one). Give it another go now. If that still fails then give support@ccleaner.com a ping.
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