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  1. Natürlich lieben wir unsere deutschen Kunden immer noch!
  2. This is all starting to smell a little bit like a hoax. The original blog post that fed this news item was already removed yesterday and has now been replaced with this: https://www.htnovo.net/2019/09/riguardo-ccleaner-nei-forum-microsoft.html
  3. Can I trouble you to try it as a copy-paste instead of transcribing the serial key. Even with my lasik-enhanced vision I've read the "Z"s as "2"s and the "5"s as "S"s before.
  4. @Willmol: Have you entered your new serial number (starting with P4UB) into CCleaner? Options > About > License Information If this doesn't do the trick then there may be something amiss with your account - in which case the good folks at support@ccleaner.com will be able to sort you out.
  5. Not Microsoft, per se, but rather their answers forum website. We maintain a working relationship with Microsoft on the technology side around Windows compatibility, etc. We don't know the reason behind it at the moment, although we did notice that the original blog post that was the source of the press coverage was taken down several hours ago. We've reached out to Microsoft for an explanation, and will update when we know more. Main discussion thread is here:
  6. The system has a hardcoded cap that makes it impossible to send more than 4 messages per week per user. If you are experiencing a bug then providing additional detail can help us to solve it for you and any other impacted users. First thing to check is the Version of CCleaner that you are on. Chances are that you can "disable the irritation" by updating to a later version if you are still on 5.53 or earlier. If you are on 5.54 or later then the next thing to check under Options > Cookies to see if you have changed the "Cookies to Keep". If you have configured CCleaner to remov
  7. All very strange. We are trying to find out why their forum admins might have done that. No-one had reached out to us in advance expressing any concerns, but blacklisting links to one of the world's most popular sets of PC utilities seems like an odd thing to do on a whim. We'd like to give them a chance to respond and are avoiding any conspiracy theory speculation in the meantime.
  8. This is part of a couple of broader planning streams around "How can we make it easier for users to keep their CCleaner up to date?" and "How can we more effectively do our core business of cleaning things?". But this particular bit has not progressed past a concept phase at the moment. Probably configurable by the end user - although, a bit like automatic antivirus pattern file updates, scenarios where a user would specifically want to have out of date cleaning rules would probably be fairly uncommon.
  9. Entering your serial number should have solved the problem, but I have heard there being a few cases of CCleaner still being "stuck" with the old expiry date for some reason. This will probably need someone to give your account a poke and the customer support team at support@ccleaner.com are the best equipped to help you with that. With regards to the price that you mentioned, there should have been a €20 cashback attached to your purchase, but if something went wrong with that then the support team can certainly sort you out there - they are always keen to make sure that our customers
  10. Can you screenshot the CCleaner processes in task manager? Unless you are in the middle of doing a drive wipe, the resource consumption should look something like this: Also any information on your Windows version (and which build, if Windows 10) would be handy.
  11. I note that you contacted support over the weekend about getting the 90 days from your old licence credited onto your new purchase. Even though your old licence was for a single PC, since your new licence was for the Professional Plus bundle, those extra 90 days will cover up to 3 PCs - on top of the 2 years that you purchased. This credit transfer would generally be automatically processed within 15 days but, since you made the two purchases under two separate email addresses, you did the right thing by contacting support so that they could combine them for you. However, immediately send
  12. Hello @Horatio and welcome to the CCleaner Community Forum. Thanks for the feedback and followup. The developers have been notified. Frustratingly, browsers are a constantly and rapidly moving target when it comes to cleaning. On a related topic, one of the things we have been looking at is separating out the cleaning definition updates from the software updates so that we can push out updated cleaning definitions automatically to users on a more frequent basis so we can respond to these changes more quickly, rather than being tied to the monthly release cycle. More on this at a l
  13. Several times a year we will have promotional offers to free users to upgrade to our paid product. During that time you may receive as many as four messages over a 2 week period. There is one just ending at the moment, for example, which is due to send it's fourth and final message tomorrow. Sorry if you find this too grievous an imposition - but having some of our customers buy CCleaner has proven to be very handy when it comes to paying the bills. If, however, you are receiving more frequent messages than described above, the most likely cause is that you are using an older versi
  14. @Bart00: CCleaner has been offering Chrome in the installer since late 2010. If you were loading up the free installer there would have been a screen something like this: Not everyone gets an offer, and for those who do they appear infrequently - the Chrome offer, for example, only appears every 6 months for each user. We do get some people whose fingers are a bit too quick on the "next" button, so we have been working on making some changes to the installer flow to help ensure that only the people who want the offers end up installing the extra software.
  15. @KrelisWhen you purchase a new CCleaner Professional Plus bundle licence the 2 years will be from the date of purchase BUT if you have an existing licence you get credited for the unused time left on your old subscription - in your case you'd be set until 13 April 2022. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for the extra time to be credited - if it hasn't gone through by then message support@ccleaner.com with your details and they'll take care of it for you.
  16. Hi Bertrand! When you purchased you would have received a new serial key (starting with PRYT) that you need to enter into CCleaner (Options > About > License Information > Register New Key). That should resolve your problem.
  17. CCleaner for Mac Version 1.15 is from mid-2018 and only supports up to High Sierra (macOS 10.13). If you are using MacOS 1.14 then the first thing to try would be updating yourself to CCleaner for Mac 1.17. Note that CCleaner for Mac 1.14 had a known issue with automatically updating itself, but you can grab the update manually from here https://download.ccleaner.com/mac/CCMacSetup117.dmg
  18. Probably need to reinstall your software and re-enter your licence key? Depends which software you are referring to.
  19. If you can't find the serial key that you purchased then please contact CCleaner/Piriform support. Don't try to bootleg a key instead. It probably won't end well.
  20. Have you tried using CCleaner itself to uninstall CCleaner (under Tools > Uninstall in the CCleaner console)?
  21. I've let the team know that there seems to be something wrong with the link. If you can, are you able to post a screenshot of the message and/or the URL of the page that it attempts to take you to? In the meantime, this is the current sale - a special offer on 2 years of the CCleaner Professional Plus Bundle, which covers 3 PCs and also includes the Pro versions of Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback
  22. Filehippo is being used as our archive of all older versions for anyone who wanted them - particularly for users on pre-XP Windows operating systems which are incompatible with the later versions. Looks like there are a few glitches with the FileHippo site at the moment, and we have let them know that it needs fixing. If they can't manage to sort this out then we may just switch to serving up our own. In the meantime you should be able to pull out old versions as @Andavari says by editing the download URL - eg: https://download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup554.exe and changing the digits to your
  23. There is a known issue with the cashback redemption site for Australia at the moment. This will be remedied (our cashback service provider is being hit with a stick as we speak) and all Australian customers who purchased under the cashback promotion will be given a mechanism to claim the $20 cashback that they are due. As Stephen mentioned, anyone experiencing this problem should contact our support team on https://support.piriform.com/hc/requests/new or support@ccleaner.com and they will make sure that you are taken care of. Apologies again to you and all of our valued Australian custome
  24. To confirm - where is it stopping for you? On download, installation or when running a scan?
  25. I think the information that you are after can be found under Options > About > License Information.
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