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  1. <not an official technical answer> I observe that the C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder contents look like this: ... and going back through historical notes I have not seen reference to ccsystem.dll for 12+ years ... possibly dating back to the days when CCleaner was built in VB. Is it possible that you were either running an extremely old CCleaner, or still have remnants of a very old version sitting in that directory?
  2. @Willy2: sorry, by "alias" I meant if you had, for example, willy@domain, admin@domain both pointing to the same mailbox and two licences each with different registration email addresses. But don't worry about that ... ... because we found the root of the problem. This is the first time we'd sent emails in the Norwegian language to customers and one of the batches was sent to "NL" instead of "NB" because oops. @Willy2 @Nhamsiyuno: Apologies to yourselves and every other customer in the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname who may have been confused as to why Piriform apparently mis
  3. @Willy2: Seen a couple of cases of people legitimately getting emails in two different languages if they had purchased two different licences at different times with different email addresses while using different languages each time. Sounds like the second language is unfamiliar to you and that you only ever bought the one - so that's probably not the case here? Can you confirm if in the body of the email each one is referring to a different licence key and came in via a different email alias to your mailbox? If they are they are both for the same licence key and/or email address then w
  4. It would do the same thing. The slim installer was created to resolve false positive issues associated with the full installer offering the Chrome toolbar (which was removed back in version 5.58 in June of last year) as part of the installation process. It remains as a service to the visually impaired - but makes no different to the version of CCleaner that is installed.
  5. Registry cleaning has not really been a primary function of CCleaner for a few years. Registry cleanup was of great utility for Windows 7 and earlier, but arguably less so for Windows 10. Back in the days when CCleaner was a tool used primarily by technical specialists it made perfect sense to have it there on the main menu - in recent years the user-base has increased significantly to a broader audience , many of whom probably shouldn't be clicking on it. Of course, we are expecting complaints when the button is finally moved ...
  6. @Marc R: I just checked your records and the good news is that your auto-extension was indeed cancelled with Cleverbridge. I can see that Cleverbridge seems to have sent you an email to that effect on the 17th. Your concern is completely understandable, however, as on the CCleaner subscription management centre it contradicts this and it does still show as active, even though it is not. There does seem to be an issue impacting a number of users where under certain circumstances, the subscription management centre can incorrectly show you as still subscribed, even though you ca
  7. @rslatara: Your issue is of an invalid licence (hence the "invalid licence" notification and the 2000-01-01 expiry date) which is different matter to the other folks in this thread. If you DM me your key I can have it checked for you.
  8. If your purchase was completed but your order confirmation email has been lost (or ended up in your spam bucket for some reason) then Hazel's recommendation of checking https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup will give you your licence key, registration name, expiry date, download link, etc. A common reason for not receiving a licence key (which may not apply in your case) is if you have chosen an offline payment method such as PayPal and not yet completed your purchase. Check for the following message in your Cleverbridge order confirmation: Please note the importance
  9. A popular request on https://ideas.ccleaner.com/top and currently being worked on - but feel free to add your vote.
  10. Note that CCleaner doesn't collect this sort of information (https://www.ccleaner.com/about/data-factsheet). The stats we do collect (what is our most popular feature; how often is CCleaner used per week, etc) are only of interest to us and our competitors. We've never sold any of that and it would be rather daft of us to try to. Around the end of 2018 we also went rather nuts on killing off even the collateral collection of non-essential data - since if we collect it then we're legally obliged to look after it. And we can think of more fun things to do with our day. I would recomm
  11. What was the second one? Or were you referring to the Health Check first-time use welcome screen?
  12. Correct - communications are set by language and not by country. The reason for this is that the combination of language and country is arguably an indicator of ethnicity, which for privacy reasons is one of those things that we deliberately don't want to know (along with your age, gender, religion, health, political affiliations, trade union membership, etc) because then we'd have to look after that data. Given that CCleaner's user base is larger than the population of most countries, that's the sort of hassle we'd rather do without. We have some basic account management information co
  13. ... or if you forget to register your product so you're still using the free version. Do check for this in the top left-hand corner:
  14. Could be a popular idea. One way to find out: Raise the suggestion on the "ideas board" and vote for it See here for more information:
  15. ... and the suggested install of CCleaner's browser - for folks who like some built-in ad-blocking and find Chrome a bit too RAM-hungry. (Also available for free download via https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser)
  16. For reference, the VPN offer is presented in the same fashion. English version below, but each of these is pretty much the same in all 31 languages in which they have been translated:
  17. For your licence key beginning with "PHF5" please check carefully that you have entered your registration details exactly as contained in the email that you received from the customer service team on Monday. Controleer voor uw licentiesleutel die begint met "PHF5" zorgvuldig of u uw registratiegegevens precies hebt ingevoerd zoals vermeld in de e-mail die u maandag van de klantenservice heeft ontvangen.
  18. @iamwotiam: The "Using CCleaner in a business?" pop-up posted by Hazelnut is just part of the occasional awareness campaign that is run that the free version of CCleaner is only free for home users - not for businesses (and that for users who are in a business their IT department, aside from being very naughty, should really be using the CCleaner Cloud managed endpoint solution rather than piecing something together with home-user software). If that is the one you saw then the most important part of the message for you is "Using CCleaner at home? Thanks for using CCleaner Free!" I
  19. Additional information on how to register can also be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844--Problems-activating-or-registering-CCleaner-Professional
  20. The process is the same for Opera as it is for any other browser. Click the three dots in the top right hand corner next to the CCleaner logo, go to "Settings". Click "Import bookmarks and settings". Select your browser and profile.
  21. See below. Speccy has had CCleaner as an optional offer presented in the installer for several years now.
  22. The single computer CCleaner Professional licence keys (which start with the letter "C") are each for for Mac or PC - but not both. CCleaner Professional Plus licence keys (starting with the letter "P") work on both Mac and PC - https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-
  23. @Himeko @Melchior:Not abandoned. Quite the contrary, the version of Defraggler that is used as part of the CCleaner Cloud business product gets updated on a fairly regular basis. Plan was to fold those changes back into the consumer desktop product at the end of last year - but the release freeze we had bumped out the timeline. With 100x the users, CCleaner is always going to get more attention that Defraggler - but we're still looking to get a Defraggler update out later this year.
  24. @stevietheb: That sounds like you are using the business version of CCleaner - CCleaner Cloud? Can you screenshot the message you are seeing?
  25. Dave CCleaner


    That map is ... rather old. It is also missing Antarctica. Given that Alaska is part of the USA, that was probably an error in shading at the time it was made.
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