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  1. @atttim: Looks like there may be two separate matters here. With regards to your licence I note that you have two separate 1PC CCleaner licences. There is one ending with a key ending with QZPC that expires in March 2020 with subscription switched off and another that ends with WZPC that expires in September 2020 which does have a subscription active. I assume that you are using one licence key on your laptop and the other on your desktop PC? You should see Auto-Extension enabled for one and disabled for the other. With regards to HealthCheck, I take it that this is what you are
  2. Depends which installer experience you are currently getting - the optional offers may display differently. If you have the old one, you would uncheck "Yes, install CCleaner Browser" before installing (or leave it alone if it is already unchecked). If you are getting the pilot of the new installer (in CCleaner 5.62) you would get a separate screen with "Accept" and "Decline" buttons on a separate screen.
  3. Health Check is essentially the next generation of EasyClean, which also incorporates additional CCleaner functions into a single flow. In 5.62 a preview version is going out to a small percentage of users with a full rollout (most likely with some additional tweaks based on user feedback) planned in an upcoming release. Note that the first time you use Health Check there are a few extra screens to click through before cleaning/tuning starts as it runs through an explanation of what it is to first-time users. This one-time introduction should not repeat on subsequent uses and you can go
  4. @Songan: Our licence server has been a trifle temperamental of late. Sounds like you may have been a victim of one of its transitory tantrums. We're giving it an upgrade a little later this month which should see it stop it's occasional hoaxing of customers. @AMP: Your serial key didn't come in a retail box bundled with AVG by any chance did it?
  5. That sounds like version 5.30 or earlier. Versions of CCleaner prior to 5.35 would have stopped working on Windows 10 in April 2019. One of the reasons for the regular (~monthly) CCleaner updates is to ensure compatibility with the constantly-updated software packages that it is designed to clean. We strongly recommend staying up to date with the latest version (version 5.62, at the time of writing)
  6. @piecevcake: Do you have the same problem with the new 5.62 version?
  7. @AMP: I couldn't find a serial key registered to the same email address that you used to register for the forums. I am assuming that you purchased the serial key online from CCleaner via our Cleverbridge ecommerce partner rather than some other reseller, and using a different email address? Has the problem already resolved itself? If not, have you contacted customer support at support@ccleaner.com? They are the experts at resolving licence key problems. @Jaguar: You have a new licence key ending with WYMF that expires in August 2020 but you also have an old licence key that ends with U
  8. @Marcello Gianola: I can't see any new purchases in the customer database recorded against the email address that you used to register - just your old key (the one start starts with CF47) that expires in December of this year. Might you have ordered under a different email address? Have you got an order number from Cleverbridge? Don't post any personal information here, but if you contact support@ccleaner.com with as much information as you can provide, they can try to find your order for you in the system.
  9. Defraggler generally recommends using its "Optimize" function rather than "Defrag" on SSDs.
  10. @Bawat, @Nesledyret: In both cases the problem seems to be related to older versions of CCleaner. Does an update to 5.62 solve the problem for you?
  11. ... an update on this, the auto-routing of XP users to the slim build will be released next week. The issue with Windows XP for CCleaner 5.61 and 5.62 is only with the full installer
  12. @Dachstein: just checking, where did you get your 5.62 full installer from? There is supposed to be OS detection on the standard download page to automagically redirect XP users to the Slim build
  13. Looks like that link leaked out on twitter before launch. In the meantime, I asked the team to check and the primary build looks fine in Russian:
  14. Just checking ... where did you download this from? We don't officially release until later today ...
  15. Indeed. That was the CCleaner update process jamming in an issue that was specific to the old CCleaner 5.44 (about 18 version ago). And also a reason for asking for the Task Manager dump screenshot - amongst other things it can provide an indication as to whether it is CCleaner itself causing the problem for you or if there is an ancillary service which is having problems.
  16. Odd. Not sure if this is us or not, but I'd like to get it checked out nevertheless. Did that appear in the middle of your screen or in the lower left corner? Was it on top of the CCleaner window or by itself on your desktop? Also can I check your Windows version, CCleaner version (before you updated) and your default browser please?
  17. Using any third party CCleaner plug-ins or modifications? winapp2ini?
  18. @spotter: Note that if you supply your bank account details to the cashback redemption provider (Opia, who also handles cashback for the likes of Samsung, Dixons, Sky, Intel, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc) the only thing that they are able to do with this information is to give you money. Nevertheless, if this is a concern for you then you can contact CCleaner support (support@ccleaner.com) for an alternative method to get your £20 back to you - refunded via your original payment method. Note that this will take a bit longer to get your cashback to you due to the manual checks involve
  19. The sanctions list is subject to change from time to time - but Ghana is not on the list. As @Andavari says, there have been some issues with IP addresses formerly allocated to Iran still creating problems. That would need your ISP to notify the various geoIP providers that their information is out of date, since these third party lookup lists are used by multiple software companies to ensure their legal compliance.
  20. As per the above, confirming that this has nothing whatsoever to do with CCleaner. Protips: Always download Piriform desktop programs from ccleaner.com When Googling, you want "CCleaner" (two Cs) not "CC Cleaner" or other misspellings (these are often grabbed by fakes that may run for a while before our legal team swats them) Downloading from pirate and crack websites is just asking for trouble. We know that some people can't afford to buy - that's why we have free versions of all of our software. "Unlimited lifetime licences" sold on eBay, etc for prices that are "t
  21. CCleaner has a user base larger than the population of most countries, so if something goes wrong that impacts even a tiny percentage of users, we tend to hear about it in pretty short order. For rare situations like this we need as much information as possible to try and replicate the problem and provide more specific advice - such as the version of CCleaner being used, the version of Windows, are you using third party tools that modify CCleaner (such as winapp2.ini) and, if the issue relates to excessive consumption of system resources above the baseline previously indicated, some informati
  22. A feature of CCleaner Pro is that you don't need to manually update it once a month - but you can switch this off through the Options > Updates if you would like to do this manually. Note that this only applies to updates to CCleaner itself. Some other apps on your computer may be update-able through the Software Updater (Tools > Software Updater), but this is not currently automated - you need to review and select the programs you wish to update and click the "Update" button to make this happen.
  23. Gossip and scandal always travel faster and wider than the corrections and retractions than follow - so handy to have this here as a reference point for folks wanting to find out more.
  24. Natürlich lieben wir unsere deutschen Kunden immer noch!
  25. This is all starting to smell a little bit like a hoax. The original blog post that fed this news item was already removed yesterday and has now been replaced with this: https://www.htnovo.net/2019/09/riguardo-ccleaner-nei-forum-microsoft.html
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