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  1. CCleaner is a system performance and privacy tool.  Although it can be of assistance in cleaning up malicious files and lingering vulnerabilities under certain circumstances, it is not an antivirus product.

    That said, if someone is after an antivirus/antimalware product I would generally recommend picking something with an established user base and reputation.  Generally speaking, any AV software with a global install base lower than 50M at a bare minimum is unlikely to have enough of a threat detection network to be able to adequately protect you.  The software you mention does not seem to fall into that category.

  2. @Lee3226: the support contact email address would be on the order confirmation email that you received from Cleverbridge - ie: support@ccleaner.com.  Please note that is the best channel for anything to do with payment support enquiries, as this is a public forum and not a safe place to be posting your confidential information.

    Usually if you sign up for a new subscription (ie: a new licence key is issued) then the old one gets automatically cancelled.  In this case it seems that your old one was still active.  Note that the email that you received was not a request for payment, but rather a reminder that your old licence was due to be billed in 15 days - and with a link to stop that billing from happening if that old subscription was no longer required.

    In any event, I checked your customer record and it looks like that old subscription was already cancelled this afternoon in a routine sweep - so no billing will actually occur.

  3. 17 hours ago, RJRains said:

    Just got another pop-up ad from CCleaner Pro 5.74

    Greetings from CCleaner by Piriform.

    If your subscription is coming up for expiry (or has expired) then CCleaner will let you know if there is an offer on that would let you renew at a better price.  There would have been up to 4 notifications in total during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales period (which ended yesterday).  If you go to Options > About > License Information you should be able to see your expiry date.

    If you have recently purchased CCleaner Professional, be sure to register your licence under Options > About if you have not already done so.  There is a guide on how to do that here: How to register and activate CCleaner Professional – Piriform Support

    Primary cause for seeing more than the scheduled number of notifications are either:

    • Running a version of CCleaner 5.53 or lower (there was an overmessaging bug fixed back in CCleaner 5.54 https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history)
    • Wiping the "I've already seen this once so no need to show it to me again tomorrow" flag.

    The second one can be fixed by going to Options > Cookies inside the CCleaner console, right-clicking on the "cookies to keep" collection and importing the attached cookies.txt file that will restore the "I've already seen this" flag to the cookies whitelist. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, Norimaki5 said:

    I tried to update the Mac but CCleaner said "Error - Something went wrong unpacking the update, please try again later." Received the same results on future update attempts. Update not completed. What can I do?

    Is this the built-in update inside CCleaner for Mac?  There were a couple of older versions that had some troubles updating themselves.  If you download the latest CCmac directly from http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download?mac (click the green download button) to do a fresh install, does that solve your problem at all?

  5. On 18/11/2020 at 08:06, katlani said:

    It's a well known phenomenon that CCleaner is being flagged by Windows security.

    As with so many things relating to CCleaner, there's a grain of truth to that story heavily wrapped in several layers of myth. There was an issue back in July with Microsoft taking a dislike to the installer (although not CCleaner itself) which was solved two weeks later with CCleaner 5.70.  Any "news" about CCleaner tends to turn into "olds" pretty quickly 😉 

    On 22/11/2020 at 00:29, Epic said:

    something in Win10 does'nt approve ccleaner anymore / at this time

    The only versions of CCleaner that are "hard blocked" by Microsoft from running on Windows 10 due to compatibility issues are versions prior to CC5.46.

    There does not seem to be an issue with Windows 10 20H2, per se: 5.74 was tested against 20H2 prior to release and I upgraded myself to 20H2 a couple of weeks ago to see for myself how 5.74 update scenarios would work and have not seen any changes. 

    That said, there are a couple of releases planned for December that just focus on minor tweaks and bug fixes - predominantly ones that impact corner-cases and small audiences - so it is possible that any issues that may be impacting your specific system configuration may be mopped up with those.  But in the meantime, any additional information that impacted customers are able to provide regarding their individual setups would be gratefully received.

    On 18/11/2020 at 17:30, nukecad said:

    Just to note that we have had 2 users who needed to do a restart of 20H2 (Windows 2004) before CCleaner 5.74 would install properly for them

    Indeed, I have had 40 years of with home computers and "have you tried switching it off and back on again" is still a tried and tested solution to most problems. 🙂 

  6. We don't have an explicit deprovisioning method available, but you can remove it from an old PC and reinstall on a new PC without any problems.  

    Problems only arise if you keep CCleaner running on the old PC as well as the new PC for an extended period of time, or if you seem to have "new PCs" on a frequently recurring basis (ie: a support technician trying to use CCleaner Professional as a breakfix tool on multiple customer PCs, instead of using the Technician's Edition for that purpose).

  7. @jimbodamamboking: There were a couple of different Black Friday offers available.  One headlined "Up to 80% off" and was for 33%-80% off (after cashback) on 1 year of 1 PC CCleaner Professional, 3 PCs CCleaner Professional Plus or 3PC CCleaner Professional Plus Premium Support Bundle. The other was headlined "2 years for the price of one" and was for 2 years of 3PCs CCleaner Professional Plus Premium Support Bundle for the price of one year (after cashback).

    Both Charlie from Manila and Andrei from London supplied you with correct information - you purchased a 1 year of the 3PC CCleaner Professional Plus Premium Support bundle for $30 (after cashback) from the first promotion and not the 2 years for $60 (after cashback) which was part of a different promotion.  And neither of them said that there was no such sale - just that the 80% off the 1PC CCleaner Professional is not what you bought when you hit the cashback landing page and selected a different offer than the one that was advertised to you. 

    @nukecad: Indeed, this scenario did sound wrong at first glance, but he had been contacting CCleaner support via email.  Actually his package did also include a 24x7 Premium Tech support service, which does have the option for remote access if customers want a "do it for me" option General FAQs – Piriform Support - although noteworthy that this is initiated via a web-based chat with our support team (not over the phone) and does not require any additional payment (it's already factored into the bundle price)

  8. @amanzoThe customer support team does not work on Sunday (except for the 24x7 team), so with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales on they had an unusually high backlog to work through at the beginning of the week - so our apologies for the unusually long delay.  

    This one was a puzzle for us, because we could not get your licence to register either at first.  But we found the solution!  It seems that you used a very slightly different name when you renewed vs when you originally purchased.  Your first name contains the letter "e" when you originally purchased, but the letter "é" when you renewed. And also originally you had entered a shorter name.

    So instead of the new A*é**** L*** d* S**** B******** name, you would need to use A*e**** L*** d* B********

    If you register your licence using your name without the accent on the letter "e" in your first name, and leave out the word in your name beginning with "S" then it should work perfectly for you:


    Sorry if that was hard to follow.  It is difficult to be clear in a public forum with names while still maintaining privacy. But also expect a followup from support later today to see how you are going which will give the exact names if you were not able to decipher the message above.

  9. 11 hours ago, Walty71 said:

    I DON'T WANT TO PAY A SINGLE PENNY for another licence, I only want to use my one forever

    And indeed that was always allowed, as it has been for 97%+ of the other customers who bought at the same time as you. 

    For your privacy, if you would like more information as to why you were part of the ~3% who had their licence cancelled, it might be best if you contact customer support about that.

  10. 1 hour ago, k6whp said:

    Well, apparently this is NOT where the service techs provide advice!

    You are correct.  If you are a paying customer, you can get that from customer support.  What you have instead done is swear and curse in a public forum at your fellow CCleaner users who might otherwise have offered you some suggestions if you had provided some additional information - such as any antivirus or firewall software that you might have running that might be interfering with CCleaner's operation.  Other information that might be useful would be if you had experienced problems on this computer with any prior versions of CCleaner, etc.

    Would you like to try again?

  11. 54 minutes ago, Dahn said:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new here, and I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to change my contact email address.

    Thanks Dahn

    Are you trying to change your email address for your CCleaner Professional subscription account?  If so, you can do so by contacting customer support - support@ccleaner.com.  Best to use the same email address that you used for your original purchase if possible, so you will automatically be identifying as a paying customer.  If not, be sure to include either your licence key or your Cleverbridge order reference number in your message to them so that they can find you.

    Note that with the Back Friday and Cyber Monday sales on at the moment, it may take them a couple of days to be able to get to your case.

    (Do not post any personal information here on the website though)

  12. @Benalup @Troy Tempest: We have CCleaner for Mac 1.18 working on BigSur in the office - aside from some minor cosmetic issues and missing some cookies in the latest version of Safari.  Only known compatibility issue is with the new M1 ARM hardware.  Assuming that this isn't a brand-spanking new Mac that you are running this on, can you provide some additional information that might help us diagnose your problem?  Antivirus software, firewalls, custom networking configuration, etc?

  13. CCleaner does not install mailwasherpro. (I'm not even sure what that is)  In addition to @nukecad's notes above:

    • CCleaner does have an Uninstaller toll under Tools > Uninstall which may be of assistance to uninstall some 3rd party software
    • If you have already uninstalled something and it has left remnants behind in the registry then careful and selective use of the Registry cleaner will help remove those leftover traces.  (Note that we do not generally recommend indiscriminate use of the Registry Cleaner unless there is something specific that you are trying to fix or remove).
    • If you run CCleaner's Software Updater (available under Tools > Software Updater or the Security tab of Health Check) that will list some pieces of software that have been previously installed which may be helpful.  Executing an update will install the latest versions of any out-of-date versions that you already have installed.
  14. The in-app cart is showing a different discount offer (with pricing that is not available to the public). If you want the lowest purchase price for 1 year CCleaner Professional Plus then that in-app offer is probably the one for you - unless you are interested in the 24x7 live Premium Tech support from website offer. 

  15. Hi @happy8

    That doesn't sound like usual behaviour.  To help us figure out what might be going wrong, could you let us know:

    • What Windows version are you running?  Windows 7, 8 or 10  If Windows 10, do you know which release it is (1809, 2004, 20H2, etc?)
    • Which antivirus and firewall do you have running? Do you have any custom modification to your windows networking configuration, such as a changed hosts file?
    • Did you download CCleaner 5.74 yourself from the CCleaner website, or was this an automatic update from an older version of CCleaner.  Can you remember which version it was?
    • Are you able to screenshot the message that you see when it does not run and asks you to purchase?  Does it look something like this (with the "no thanks" to close)?



  16. Cashback processing is usually pretty quick if you have paid using a credit card in one of our top currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, etc) since those can be batch processed automatically.  Bank transfers and currencies for which we don't have standard price lists (SGD, COP, etc) have to be done by hand and take a bit longer.

  17. There is a "2 years for the price of one (after cashback)" offer - but that is different one.  The offer mentioned by evdmolen64 is not available to the general public and the options are only for 1 year of CCleaner Professional (1PC), 1 Year of CCleaner Professional Plus (3 PCs or Macs), or 1 Year of a Premium bundle with CCleaner Professional Plus and either 24x7 live general technical support (English only) or Kamo (everyone else).

  18. The email receipt would also have mentioned something along the lines of this:


    The "claim period has ended" message that you saw related to the last cashback - where the claim period had indeed ended.  The site now says:

    BUT you will still need to have registered the CCleaner licence key and have 24 hours elapse from when you purchased for it all to work properly.  This is, as NukeCad correctly deduced, to ensure that various background things have synced up properly.

  19. CCleaner Professional is sold as an annual subscription.  Although we have noticed that some users switch the billing off immediately after purchasing if they only planned to use CCleaner for the initial 12 months anyway.

  20. Had you successfully installed a previous version of CCleaner on this computer prior to updating to Windows 20H2?

    We have seen users have problems with a variety of software installation after some prior Windows updates when Windows "helpfully" resets your Windows store settings and wants to insist that you download something from the Windows store instead.  Are you getting a Windows Store pop-up when you try to run the installer?  If it is some other error message that is popping up, could you provide us with a copy please?


  21. Usual diagnostic questions:

    • Which version of Windows 10 are you running (1809,2004,etc)?
    • Do you have any antivirus or firewall software running?
    • Does the ccsetup574.exe installer work properly for you if you right-click on it from your downloads folder and select "Run as Administrator"?
    • When you right-click on ccsetup574.exe and select Properties > Compatibility is the Compatibility mode unchecked? (should be off)
  22. 4 hours ago, massie said:

    I didn't uninstall my CCleaner before installing the new version. It was offered in a pop-up when I launched my CCleaner.

    Do you remember what version you were on prior to updating to CCleaner 5.74?  Was this CCleaner Free or CCleaner Professional?

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