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  1. Downloading is always free - it is the subscription that unlocks the Pro features that you need to pay for. If you ever need to reinstall CCleaner Professional (or put it only a new computer), you can get the link from here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043844-How-to-register-and-activate-CCleaner-Professional or directly from https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccpro. If you have Automatic Updates switched on (Options > Updates > Keep CCleaner updated automatically from the CCleaner console) then CCleaner will update itself within 12-36 hours of the new release be
  2. Slack is a popular team collaboration app, which has seen even more use in the past year from people working from home. It is similar in function to Microsoft Teams, but Slack as been around longer. We use it ourselves in CCleaner. And this new Slack cleaning rule just cleared a LOT of space.
  3. If you purchase the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle there was a download link to the bundle installer (which downloads and installs all 4 utilities in one go) in your confirmation email, and also a link to the help article (https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028350711-How-many-computers-can-I-install-CCleaner-Professional-Plus-on-) on where you download the all-in-one installer for PC (https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccproplus) and the CCleaner Professional installer for Mac (https://www.ccleaner.com/go/get_ccmacpro).
  4. This may have been mentioned in the renewal reminder email, but for additional information: Will I lose any time on my subscription if I take an offer to renew early? – Piriform Support
  5. In your email purchase confirmation from Cleverbridge there should be the contact address for customer support - support@ccleaner.com. Note that this is a service for customers with an active paid licence, so is not widely publicised on the CCleaner website. If you contact them from the email address that you used to make your purchase then this will create a support ticket which will get a receipt confirmation, followed up by a personalised response. To save some time though, if you need to recover your licence registration information (key and registered name), you can visit https://su
  6. This sounds suspiciously like what we used to call the "vendor salute": (ie: "blame someone else, usually Microsoft ) That said, I would note that versions of CCleaner prior to 5.46 are no longer compatible with Windows 10 release 1809 and above. Anything above that (generally recommended to be one of the 3 latest releases for compatibility with other software on your computer) should be just fine. Last time I had that error it was a hardware problem, consider: Chksdk for disk errors Checking for RAM problems (as per Andavari, above) Checking for out of
  7. To run with the metaphor ... A couple of driers "caught fire" and users erased more than they intended. Possibly the drier's fault ... or possibly they ran a butane bottle through the drier. As a temporary measure the "Wipe Free Space" option has been removed (as per the release notes), but will be restored in an upcoming release after investigations are complete.
  8. The CCleaner community forum website has no information about billing (and, being a public website, is not a good place to publish any personal information relating to your account). While there is information about how to manage subscriptions in the help centre off the main CCleaner website (eg: About licenses and subscriptions – Piriform Support), subscription cancellation can be accomplished with a couple of clicks either from your licence information in the product console of CCleaner, from the link in your original order confirmation email from Cleverbridge, or from the billing reminder
  9. Piriform remains committed to CCleaner across the Windows, Android and Mac platforms. Indeed we have recently brought on additional developers to focus on the development of a major Mac release - CCleaner for Mac 2.0. (Expect to see a beta announcement in the coming months.) While the majority of CCleaner for Mac users are continuing to use it without incident on Catalina and BigSur, there are indications that a small percentage (<1%) of users seem to be having some issues relating to their individual system configurations - yes, they are having a problem. As with any o
  10. @Nykk: If you have a question relating to your CCleaner subscription, as per your order confirmation email, you can contact CCleaner customer support at support@ccleaner.com. Edit: Although I note that you already seem to have done this, as customer support had already cancelled your subscription and issued a refund before you posted this message here. (... and for your safety and privacy, please do not post personal information in a public forum)
  11. Needing to use task manager to close a notification seems a trifle excessive. Could you be more specific with regards to what reminders these are? Whether most notifications are displayed or not is configurable within CCleaner itself. And the notifications themselves would either have an X in the right-hand corner or a "no thanks", "remind me later", "skip to continue" or similar depending on whether it is a notification sent through windows, or a screen when you are in CCleaner itself. For example, the browser cleaning alerts will appear if you have set CCleaner to notify you whe
  12. We do seem to have the majority of our Mac users on the BigSur and CCmac 1.18.30 using it without major issues. Since the 11.1 bugfix patch from Apple, the most widely reported issue for CCmac 1.18.30 on BigSur is that Apple changed the version numbering prior to release and that CCleaner reports the OS Version as MacOS X 10.16. Also that some of the graphical elements have been resized by the OS and an issue with cookies on the latest Safari version. Are you able to provide any other information regarding your system configuration so that we can try to replicate your issue. Are yo
  13. ... and clean the vents. This goes double if you have pets. On one occasion, having left things too long, the amount of hair inside my keyboard and CPU made it seem like my cat was trying to use home technology to clone itself.
  14. Although that error message opens with "The name you have entered does not match your licence key" the rest of the text ("Please re-enter the name exactly as it was submitting at the time of purchase" gives the suggestion that the issue is with entering the name incorrectly - which can lead people down a rabbit hole of trying to retype their name when the issue is often that there is a mismatch with the licence key (typing a "1" instead of an "I", S/5, Z/2, A/4, etc). As per the link helpfully provided above, copy/pasting is strongly recommended.
  15. Note that those are not ads. The example you gave was of a loyalty discount offer in a renewal reminder related to your subscription because you are coming up to expiry at some point in the near future. From a couple of months before expiry you'd be getting a reminder about every 2 weeks - although when there is a special limited-time promotional discount available you may get 3-4 in the space of a week. If you are receiving renewal reminders more frequently than this, then (unless you are very close to your expiry date) the most common source of such overmessaging is if you have accide
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