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  1. Hi @happy8 That doesn't sound like usual behaviour. To help us figure out what might be going wrong, could you let us know: What Windows version are you running? Windows 7, 8 or 10 If Windows 10, do you know which release it is (1809, 2004, 20H2, etc?) Which antivirus and firewall do you have running? Do you have any custom modification to your windows networking configuration, such as a changed hosts file? Did you download CCleaner 5.74 yourself from the CCleaner website, or was this an automatic update from an older version of CCleaner. Can you remember which versi
  2. Cashback processing is usually pretty quick if you have paid using a credit card in one of our top currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, etc) since those can be batch processed automatically. Bank transfers and currencies for which we don't have standard price lists (SGD, COP, etc) have to be done by hand and take a bit longer.
  3. There is a "2 years for the price of one (after cashback)" offer - but that is different one. The offer mentioned by evdmolen64 is not available to the general public and the options are only for 1 year of CCleaner Professional (1PC), 1 Year of CCleaner Professional Plus (3 PCs or Macs), or 1 Year of a Premium bundle with CCleaner Professional Plus and either 24x7 live general technical support (English only) or Kamo (everyone else).
  4. The email receipt would also have mentioned something along the lines of this: The "claim period has ended" message that you saw related to the last cashback - where the claim period had indeed ended. The site now says: BUT you will still need to have registered the CCleaner licence key and have 24 hours elapse from when you purchased for it all to work properly. This is, as NukeCad correctly deduced, to ensure that various background things have synced up properly.
  5. CCleaner Professional is sold as an annual subscription. Although we have noticed that some users switch the billing off immediately after purchasing if they only planned to use CCleaner for the initial 12 months anyway.
  6. Had you successfully installed a previous version of CCleaner on this computer prior to updating to Windows 20H2? We have seen users have problems with a variety of software installation after some prior Windows updates when Windows "helpfully" resets your Windows store settings and wants to insist that you download something from the Windows store instead. Are you getting a Windows Store pop-up when you try to run the installer? If it is some other error message that is popping up, could you provide us with a copy please?
  7. Usual diagnostic questions: Which version of Windows 10 are you running (1809,2004,etc)? Do you have any antivirus or firewall software running? Does the ccsetup574.exe installer work properly for you if you right-click on it from your downloads folder and select "Run as Administrator"? When you right-click on ccsetup574.exe and select Properties > Compatibility is the Compatibility mode unchecked? (should be off)
  8. Do you remember what version you were on prior to updating to CCleaner 5.74? Was this CCleaner Free or CCleaner Professional?
  9. Moving this off the main menu has been on the to do list for quite a while. It is not commonly used (most users seem to pretty much live in either the "Health Check" or "Custom Clean" areas) but does not sensibly belong where a user might potentially perceive it as a "thing to do every day" activity. It would be there already, but there needs to be some rethinking around how it is laid out for it to fit in the available space in a submenu under Tools to actually be able to read the results, eg: Conceptually, that is what Health Check was supposed to be a step towards - b
  10. This has been pondered before in the context of a "legacy" version for the folks on antique licences. Don't think it went anywhere. Couple of questions: Aside from the installer being a smidge smaller, how would you see this differing from setting Custom Clean as your home screen and ignoring the other buttons? With the moving target of constant updates to browsers, and other software that we clean, even if we did absolutely nothing new we'd probably still average something like a half dozen releases per year to ensure compatibility. Only 2-4 releases per year would make it dep
  11. We don't bundle additional software with CCleaner, but offers for things can appear occasionally - such as for other software (as per the above), or if there is a sale on for CCleaner Professional. If you are passionate on this topic and don't want to see any commercial offers for CCleaner or anything else, there are two option available to you: Roll back to CCleaner 2.36 (from late 2010 - last version to not contain any offers of any sort); or Uncheck the following option under Options > Privacy in CCleaner 5.71 and above. On a related matter, you may also wish to con
  12. This is a fairly generic windows error. If you could provide a little more detail please that would be most helpful: Could you be more specific about when the error message appears? Is this happening the instant you start CCleaner for the first time after installation? Before or after the main console window appears? When you try to access a specific function or perform an operation? When you say that you downloaded a clean copy to reinstall, did you install over your old copy? Have you tried performing an uninstall of the old copy before installing the new one? Which Wi
  13. If a serial number is actually valid for old versions then it will also be valid for new versions. As NukeCad said - the best solution for account-specific issues is to contact support, but I am curious about this one though - feel free to DM me the licence key so I can check it for you.
  14. To recap in previous notes from this thread and a couple of others: This is a known bug to be corrected shortly with a patch release that will ensure that Smart Cleaning stays off when unchecked. You can work around it temporarily by switching off all options in Options > Smart Cleaning and also the automatic updates in Options > Updates. After the patch release, using automatic updates without smart cleaning on will still leave CCleaner persistent in the tray (consuming around 5MB of memory as it waits for the next update) but without popping up to let you know proacti
  15. Indeed we do. Hence the announcement of the feature. By way of a side-note, it is worth mentioning again that CCleaner has a steadily growing user base which is larger than the population of most countries - and it is quite a diverse user base in every respect. Not every new feature is for everyone, but in each case is there to meet the demand of several millions of our users. Some of these you may not notice - when we improve our multi-lingual support from time to time, add cleaning support for new browsers that you might not use, or the recent screen-reader improvements for the visio
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