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  1. When I use the registry scanner for "Unused File Extensions". CCleaner detects files that are being used. If I clean them my programs can't open them anymore. Alot of them are from Foobar2000 and MPC-HC. I recently did a clean/format install of Win10 and the problem is still there.
  2. Don't like the UI either. But there should be an option for old and new. Since some do like the new.
  3. Would love too run a bat file while CCleaner is running. Please Add This.
  4. Can confirm this bug too.. On two PC's.
  5. How can you claim its not broken if you haven't even tested it? I have tested it on an older copy and it seems to work fine. Where the new one doesn't.
  6. While this is a good temp fix. This was auto cleaning with older versions. Seems to be broke in the new one.
  7. Every since updating to CCleaner 1.35.424 *.log files in the Windows Dir do not get deleted anymore. I can downgrade to CCleaner 1.34.407 and it deletes them fine. ive read threw the change log v1.35.424 - Fixed IE7 Autocomplete form data cleaning. - Updated Vista detection routines. - Added code signing to program executable. - Fixed bug in Temporary folder detection. - Fixed some IE7 cookie handling issues. - Added additional error checking to folder routines. - Added Paint Shop Pro XI cleaning. - Updated French translation. - Minor display fixes. Do one of these apply to the logs?
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