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  1. Hi Folks, Cookie deletion problem (not related to IE). In v2.18.878 cookies previously in "to keep" list but moved "to delete" are being delted OK. But when they re-appear after their parent site is re-visited, and being selected "to keep" are stubbornly ejected back into the "to delete" field and are deleted. The existing list of cookies to keep is not being affected, only newly selected ones. A fix would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi folks, just joined up after sending a ?10 GBP donation (which rather strangely was gobbled up by someone called Piriform). Have one on me anyway For the past 4 days or so I've been getting major headaches with a persistently frequent and ubiquitous "Cannot find server" regardless of which sites I visit (although there was no such problem paying the donation ) I use a 2nd-hand Compaq with Windows 2000 Pro, and for the first month it worked fine. Now I just want to donate it to CCleaner.com for organ donation. I've tried all sorts of weird and wonderful actions to try fix it
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