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  1. Still shameful. Now please delete this account and all information stored about me. I see you're also storing cookies without the legally required popup notification. Guess you're one of the companies that just didn't bother at all with GDPR.
  2. I installed Speccy last night. I was careful while doing so to check the installer for "hidden rubbish" being installed alongside it. Today I looked at my computer and CCleaner was there on my desktop. I was confused as to where it came from but googling it shows it's by the same company that makes Speccy. I uninstalled it, and uninstalled Speccy immediately. Out of curiousity I ran the installer for Speccy again to see if I'd missed a checkbox somewhere. And it's there in a seriously hidden spot, blended in to a blue background. It took me a long time to spot it when I was actively looking for it. What is this nonsense? Super shady behaviour. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Now instead of buying a new Speccy license I'm never using Piriform software again. I also can't find how to delete this account, which as a citizen of the EU is my legal right, particularly as it contains personally identifiable information. What is the process for complete account removal?
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