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  1. I see, there is a hidden folder C:/System Volume Information/ that I can brows by entering that under file manager. I will half to look into this. I don't really understand how my restore points are saved. For example, I created a restore point & named it "one" yet I don't see any files with that name. I may half to create & delete points from the advanced system settings menu to learn how the points are saved to edit them. Yet I do see a windows backup & windows img backup. I don't want to delete the wrong thing but this is a good start to learn what all this means. Tha
  2. in Ccleaner slim 5.52 free on windows 7, restore points don't display. I can click under advanced system settings to create a windows restore point but in the Ccleaner System restore tab there are no listed points. Something is preventing Ccleaner from listing my restore points, and so I can't delete restore points using Ccleaner. I can see my restore points list only if I run/start system restore. Windows system restore point delete will only delete all restore points. It would be better if I could find something to manage my restore points but no program seems to list/see them. Ccleaner w
  3. Thank you. The install for slim works fine. I still wonder why the other install runs on my laptop but not on my desktop. Yet at least I can install the program fully from this slim ver. I will make a new topic if I see any other problems.
  4. Well trying to update from vr 5.51 to 5.52 the install would not run. All I could see was a count from 1% to 100% then the file ended it self, so I removed Ccleaner free to try fresh & same problem. Yet I had an old install from vr 416 & had no other choice.. this install did run. So I took the install vr 5.52 to my Lap top & to my surprise it ran fine. Then I had to copy program files Ccleaner folder content from my laptop to my PC. This was the only way I could get vr 5.52 My Lap top is windows 7 64bit & my PC is windows 7 32bit So I really should run the inst
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