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  1. Hello Laurence Thank you for the very quick response and with a link to resolve my issue. This is why I love Piriform products and services. From what you said it looks like I may also need to check my Firewall process. I use Norton's suite of protection products which includes firewall protection and I don't use The Windows 10 protection. I'll see what information I can find out regarding Norton's stuff. This started happening just about 6-8 months ago Thanks for your help Ron
  2. Ronald Lowe Apr 9, 23:55 EDT This is a follow-up to your previous request #353844 "CCleaner Support" Hello again Laurence. Well! It happened again the same issue trying to install the mew CCleaner update. When I tried to update to 5.56.7144 from 5.55.7108 I recieved Error Code 0x2fo8. Same issue again What can be done? Do you send me another link every time there ia a new update? Please help Se ya Ron
  3. Kyle Laurence fixed my issue. He's a great help just follow his instructions and your issue should also be resolved. Laurence is a Top Rated Admin and I thank him for his help. See ya Ron
  4. Still an issue as of 3/25/19 USA CST 9:58 Thanks Ron
  5. Thanks Ben but as of 3/25/19 at 9:55 CST USA there has been no response nand I now cannot update the new release 7108 Please help Thanks Ron
  6. Thanks Andavari. But there has been no response as of 3/26/19 @ 9:53 CST USA See ya Ron
  7. All is in Caps and Bolded and size 16. I'm upset. I love Piriform products. But if my issue is not solved and a viable repeatable work around given to me I'll have to look at some of the lesser products HELP HELP HELP PLEASE HELP HELP HELP I've been a CCleaner user for about 10+ years. and for the last 5 or so updates It has failed to update the new release. Get message to buy new, register, or Cancel. I'm tired of it. All my accounts are up to date and paid in full. Under Tools I have never had the new updater function. Here is a response but the problem is not fixed. SO HELP HELP HELP FIX IT. Not response in reply to my sending the license keys. I haven't had a great day since this problem arose. Can't someone in Tech Support help me? HERE IS A LINK TO JUST ONE OF MY POSTS: https://forum.piriform.com/messenger/16494/ Message From you guys: We've found several license keys registered to your email address. We've included all of them below, along with a download link for each product in case you need to reinstall. ***Registration details removed by moderator***
  8. Hello Ben I replied to your eMail as follows. Please have this fixed. I don't want to drop CCleaner but if I can't keep it updated I'll not have much of a choice. Hello Ben I had two desktop PC's and subscribed to CCleaner for both. I now only have one PC and I believe the key is **product key number removed by moderator**. This is the fourth time this has happened and I don't think it should have happened even once. I've been a CCleaner user for a long time maybe 10 + years. And I love it but not being able to apply the updates is frustrating and may drive me to and inferior product. Please resolve this for me and keep it from happening again. Thanks Ron
  9. Nope none of it applies my pro subscription is current This is the 3rd time this exact thing happened. I thought It was supposed to have been fixed after 1st time with subscription 16 digit id updated. I love CCleaner but this is starting to get aggravating. Can't it be resolved by the Tech guys? Thanks Ron
  10. This third time a new release won't load. It has something to do with the certificate ID It asks me to repurchase and my subscription is current. I thought it was supposed to be fixed. I'm new to the forum but a long time user and believer in CCleaner. I'm non PC technical and need help. Thanks Ron
  11. Hello' I get the message "Could not be updated and Purchase Register Cancel" had this issue with the last release. I've forgotten the solution. It had to do with the product key not updated in the release. Can some one assist me in resolving this issue. Piriform should handle this when it makes a release. I've been a loyal user for close to 10 years and this just started happening with me for the last two releases. Thanks Ron
  12. My subscription is current. When ever I click to install this new version it asks me to purchase Register Cancel. Please advise Thanks
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