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  1. windows driver update is good for it's OWN stuff but when it comes to a lot of other non windows stuff that it installs Drivers for as you connect like Hard Drives, USB Drives For the stuff you connect its been horrible on my computer to the point I had to get there driver packages to use with Visual Studio To Fix my Own Drives Right even make a few I cant connect a USB drive of any kind or phone with out issues I am sure Windows Driver Updater Works Great on Some Devices but not all I had 2 Different laptops I work on for friends And plus my main desktop That 50% or more of the Drives Windows Installs Wrong and normal driver fix's don't work And They cant even fix it at times Which is what made me Resort To Joining There Open source Program just to fix my own drivers. I also did all that Same reason as for comment in last post! (snake-oil peddlers. Disregarding the ones that are purely designed to spread malware). Which if there was a real True no spam no Bull Driver updater that scams you to just to get you to pay for deivers that dont even need to be updated & also Downloading other Programs and all while its also in the back round infecting Your system I Would have used it and I am sure a lot others would too if you just google driver issues windows 10 Mainly
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