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  1. Agreed Too bad I only found your post AFTER I upgraded At least I got a 10$ price
  2. Hi Piriformers Just upgraded from free version to SPECCY pro , and was hoping that the PRO upgrade would include info on the Power Supply? ( haven't noticed much of any differences at all to tell the trute ) I have an HP desktop with a fairly small PS only 240W , I would like to know how close I am to maxing it out ? I'm trying to recover my data from a FRIED pc on a 2TB seagate drive . I have temporarily replaced the ( HP SATA CD drive) with the 2TB Seagate disk. It is up and running in the HP using the sata power , and I don't smell anything burning yet ..... SO??? Is / should a POWER monitor available ? Or am I missing something ? Thanks, Oldwingratbike Boston Ma
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