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  1. @Andavari : Thank you for your reply. It doesn't address the GUI issue, but it does show team spirit. /s
  2. Update As yet another workaround, I tried (via shortcut): "C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO ...and it simply does not work (in the sense of 'full' cleaning) Immediately following that approach — by either 'Analyze' or 'Clean' in the main GUI — Ccleaner shows numerous leftover items to be cleaned. Afterwards, 'Cleaning' those leftovers via the GUI works just fine, but this appears to indicate that using the '/AUTO' switch along the shortcut road is...well...a literal shortcut. If there is another way to 'shrink' Ccleaner on the desktop, it is in no way o
  3. Thank you for your replies. RE: Right-click headers: I didn't realize that was there. My bad, but I guess you learn something every day.
  4. A 'Check All' checkbox for each subcategory (e.g., Windows | Microsoft Edge) would be a convenient and welcome addition to the Ccleaner GUI. This would be faster/easier than the present GUI which requires individually selecting each item (e.g., Windows | Microsoft Edge | Internet Cache — plus the nine other items under that program). For example, I run one cleaner or another virtually all the time, closing and cleaning my browser(s) between each session — and I very often close/clean my browser. Sometimes, Ccleaner hangs on one subcategory or another even when I haven't run a particular
  5. Defrag isn't an issue in my case, either. For example, • If I manually create a System Restore Point, it disappears within a few minutes to several hours — with no defrag in between • If I manually create more than one SRP, all of them evaporate just as quickly • If Windows automatically creates a System Restore Point, the same thing happens So, are the SRP files corrupted? Apparently not. The "System Restore Points" solution above that was originally posted by hideout587 @ c|net forums includes the manual creation of an SRP, then testing it after reboot by using it t
  6. Update Since I've become virtually obsessed with this issue, I searched for, found, and tried a couple of other 'solutions' to the problem (i.e., *ALL* System Restore Points being auto-nuked in Win7). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (1) c|net • Windows 7 forum — Why are my Windows system restore points disappearing? "System Restore Points" (Posted by hideout587 | JUNE 25, 2010 10:07 AM PDT) While I do not run Windows 7, I did have this same problem a while back with my two of my Windows XP (SP2) systems, as well as
  7. Hi lmacri, Thank you for your post. Event Viewer showed two errors during the time periods I lost all of my SRPs: (1) Error 14, volsnap (which is apparently HDD-related) (2) Error 27 (which was related to the Ethernet Adapter — which in turn I disabled because I don't use it) Error 27 is now a thing of the past. Error 14 Message: The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C: Googling Error 14 and that message suggested the HDD has had it. But I also gathered there might still be hope, so I ran: • chkdsk /f (HDD 'PASSED' —
  8. Unfortunately, rolling back to v5.35 didn't solve the problem. Not sure what's causing it, but a little research suggests it's pretty common — and very difficult to solve I keep a backup of my files on an older, external HDD with insufficient space for an image of the c-drive, so I think I'll get a new, larger external drive for exactly that purpose. Either that, or a new PC. I think Windows 7 is great, but its days are clearly numbered, and everyone likes a new ride.
  9. No: all of the Advanced items are disabled. I mainly accepted the Ccleaner defaults for all the rest. The additional items I enabled were under IE and Chrome (e.g., Saved Passwords).
  10. Well, that didn't work: using v5.46, the same problem cropped up again, literally within minutes. It might well be Windows itself, not Ccleaner, but I think I'll follow lmacri's lead and try v5.35. We'll see if that does it.
  11. Windows 7 SP1 Recently, I've been encountering this same problem (auto-deletion of Win7 Restore Points — all of them). I think it's a Ccleaner issue, but I have to admit I'm not sure. In any case, I have: • uninstalled Ccleaner v5.52 (using Revo Uninstaller Pro) • searched the HDD for any Ccleaner remnants and deleted them (I found only one Prefetch file) • shutdown and restarted the computer (power OFF/ON) • rolled back to Ccleaner v5.46 (an arbitrary choice, made simply because that version is about 1 year old...) It will be interesting to see if this problem pers
  12. I imagine the would. And should... The good news is, they have 'practice'.
  13. 'App' Life 101 The issue isn't whether a Ccleaner window can be maximized; of course it can. The problem is the minimum window size that Ccleaner supports. Over time, the minimum window size has increased to the point where Ccleaner now takes up about a quarter to a third of the desktop space on a 16:9 monitor. In addition to the inconvenience this imposes, it is patently absurd. The point of 'windows' is to facilitate running more than one 'app' at the same time. No single program should take up so much desktop real estate. It is poor software design. Very poor
  14. I was wondering if Piriform couldn't make Ccleaner take up even more desktop space than it does now. Recent versions of Ccleaner only consume about a quarter of it. Why not just go whole-hog and make Ccleaner run full-screen all the time? TIA /s
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