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  1. Nope, even if absolutely everything is UNticked, it still takes 4-6 seconds after CCleaner launch/startup for Run Cleaner button to be usable.
  2. What happened past CCleaner 5.43 that it now takes 4-6 seconds before I press the CLEAN button? I tried on 16 different rigs with different hardware, although all were running Windows 10 (from 14393 to 17763). The company had to dump CCleaner like some spyware because of that lag/delay. It didn't matter which edition (free or pro) or whether CCEnhancer with trim was used. The startup lag was so annoying that CCleaner lost ALL value to the company employees (unanimous AGAINST vote). CCleaner was meant for a quick clean up, but instead we had to wait those 4-6 seconds of the app being unrespons
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