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  1. An update: When I first asked in the Microsoft Community about a Shredding App, a so-called "Independent Advisor" *** in the Microsoft Community advised me against using CCleaner - he said it would 'corrupt' my system! So I've put him on the spot https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-security/what-apps-are-best-to-shred-items-when-you-empty/77b755e9-2d06-45a5-b6d1-6c697ba13b84?tm=1588767004147 *** In case you're not aware of these "Independent Advisors", they get paid by Microsoft. The decision by MS to pay was lambasted by the vast majority of the regular experts,
  2. Many thanks, both. V5.66 installed and working! I'll feed it back to the Microsoft Community MVP tomorrow so that no-one else stops using CCleaner. And to top it off, the weather here in West Yorkshire is very sunny! Stay in / Be Safe / Take Care.
  3. Hello both. Sorry for the delay but I was locked out "for security reasons" viz four failed attempts to log in. But it was only last Sunday at 10:34am that I received an email acknowledgement that I had successfully changed it to the one I'd kept inputting! I 'changed' it to the same one that I'd used before. Anyway, enough of that sideshow. I tried to download the free version from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download - I wish I could buy the professional version but money's tight at the moment because of Covid19. I always check for new versions of my programs (sorry I'm old -
  4. I used to have CCleaner and it was one of my "must-have" Apps - I ran it every day. However, an MVP expert in the Microsoft Community forum strongly advised me to replace it, citing major problems following its takeover in July 2017 by Avast. He said that a few months later (September 2017?) CCleaner was compromised by hackers. Because I miss it so much I tried to download a pre-July 1977 version just now but couldn't. So I then tried to download the latest version but got an error message that what I was trying to install will not work on Windows 10. Is there a Window 10 version
  5. many thanks. I'll stop looking now!
  6. Many thanks, hazelnut. I've installed the free version. By the way, I clicked too quickly to install it (well it is nearly midnight & I need my beauty sleep!) - I forgot to uncheck installation of Avast, It took me 40 minutes to uninstall it using Revo Pro and was a real pain as the Avast 'survey' required restarting my laptop which in turn interfered with removing it. All done now. Many thanks for your help - much appreciated. I can't find how to mark your reply as the Answer so I'll do that in the morning after I've read the FAQs.
  7. I currently have the free version of CCleaner. Whenever I'm reminded to run it, it brings up the Professional version. Is this a trial version? If so for how long and what should I do to end it? I'm sure the professional version will be excellent - all your stuff is - but I can't afford it and am content with my free version.
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