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  1. Just installed the new version on my computer and thumb drive. just one question, it looks like the two versions are synchronizing or something, is that right? I like the new interface btw. thanks for a very good and useful program!
  2. FirefoxPortable cleans it self up when closing. (don't shoot me if I'm wrong...)
  3. I installed the newest version today believing that it would fix my problem, but i still get the message: "failed to read boot sector. error log: Recuva v069===========System Info: MS Windows XP SP2, Intel Pentium M processor 1.73GHz, 512MB RAM, ATI MOBILITY RADEON X300[17:23:3] ErrorNo: 3 OtherInfo:cundelete_recdrv2 Error No:536870916 ErrorInfo:Failed to read boot sector. help anyone?
  4. good! it's coming together. when will the first non-beta version be released? to bad this beta still didn't fix my problem... (see here...) well I hope that will come later, it's still just a beta so I'll just have to live with it.
  5. I choose recuva to scan the local disc C:, but I only get a message saying: failed to read boot sector. I had a problem with my windows some time ago, so a friend of mine fixed that, it's possible(/likely) that he did something with the boot (boot.ini etc.) anyone have any tip? I would like recuva not only to work on my memorystick but also on the hard drive.
  6. I've downloaded the newest version today and it seams that the /auto command doesn't work anymore. is there any way to do something about that?
  7. i think you can clear that by your self (that is if it's not important to you to have it done automaticly) go to www.google.com click the search field press down key and the hold delete
  8. it would be nice to have the option of choosing if ccleaner should make a log file or not!
  9. it would be nice to put in a function where you can see the progress after autocleaning. like "c:\program files\ccleaner\ccleaner.exe" /autoshowprogress or something like that. thanks
  10. thanks I'll try that. do you know if ccleaner makes any logfile when it's finish cleaning? if yes, where?
  11. ok, thanks. but is there another command that does that?
  12. bumping this tread before it dies a silent deth!
  13. do you know a better place to start a topic about that subject than here? btw: is there any way to see the progress after ccleaner has cleaned my computer?
  14. thanks a lot! worked perfectly! you shuoldn't happend to know how i can do something similar with norton antivirus? (scanning the computer by running the batch file?)
  15. does anyone know how i can get ccleaner to clean automaticly at the startup of the program? i'm planning to clean my computer with a batch file. so i need to make ccleaner clean the computer when i'm running the batch file! can anyone help me? (i'm norwigian so sorry if my english suck... )
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