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  1. I asked the same question three times.... and you have not answered it why don't you go and **** yourself?
  2. All right, if he feels its necessary, my apologies to Augeas. But a moderator should at least have known who owns the product he is talking about. And what their reputation is...
  3. This is the Piriform Forum? Subsection ccleaner? And you are the moderator? Well, the cookie comes from the people who own the stuff you work for...... There was a time when using an old version prevented that happening, but it seems data is too valuable to allow that hole., Well, you enjoy your sleep... I am busy looking for better software... Have a nice Brexit
  4. Thank you Augeas. I know whose cookie it is and why ít is there, I also know why it is not removed.. My question was: How do change that? When I close cCleaner I want ALL cookies removed that I have on the left side for a purpose.... YOU are cCleaner, so YOU wrote the software of cCleaner that allows this to remain on my computer. So YOU should know how to get rid off it also, right?
  5. When I clear my computer with ccleaner before shutting it down, there is always an unauthorized cookie left: s.uicdn.com What do I do to have this removed ? I mean: PERMANENTLY removed!
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