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  1. Oh! okay, thanks for the info ^^. Yeah, hope someone clears this doubt /:D
  2. First of all thanks for the reply :D. Yes I agree, i installed kingstons ssd management tool right after posting here it is showing the correct result(42days). I worried initially as i saw the E9 result(what is it btw, is it a bug?!) Yeah, i hoped to verify my ssd there by the product ID but sadly all it says is about phantom technology ;-;, rip me. I can't see an option to do over-positioning in kingston ssd management tool, is it done by default in windows or do we need to allocate some free space and enable the option?! Igoogled a bit and it seems like it is unnecessary for home use :D, one last thing can you explain about that E9 value and why did it show 185 days if its not a bug.
  3. The result as shown in the screenshot of 09 attribute is correct(42d 20h), but the E9 attribute is showing different value(185d 16h), is this a bug or E9 & 09 meant something different. I'm worried becoz i saw the the E9 value at first and thought i purchased a used ssd ;~;.
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