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  1. Okay then. I'll accept the slap on the wrist here for the language language as indicated. But considering the ongoing litany of honestly...painful decisions that Piriform have released over the past couple of years I certainly hope Management there are taking serious heed on the frustrations they generate. I'm also more than a little curious on the lack of response for all the actual issues raised in this particular Thread. We'll start by focussing on just why is there no response "No, I Don't Want To Install The Trial Version At This Time, Let Me Abort The Install" option as noted? Twice. As far as Ben's response of "If you believe this to be incorrect anywhere, please let me know the location you have downloaded this from I will get it resolved" - the version I acquired that did this painful operation was from the link directly from the previous version of cCleaner when it detected a new one was available. ie this one - http://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download?upgrade And that's directly from the installed free version 5.51.6939 (64 bit) FREE FOR HOME USE version currently on this computer. So methinks "someone" there had better raise the bar on your internal QA procedures and/or ongoing monitoring of how the product is handled perhaps. Additional Quick Question - why is this particular link not showing any download path directly from Piriform, but your volunteers and apparently Senior staff there always point directly to a Piriform download page? And yet your actual product doesn't?? See where the frustration from your management decisions are somewhat frustrating? In all honesty give us a break here - I really think you need to address some serious operation issues with how your product is distributed.I have multiple customers' experiencing these issues that I point towards this and other threads, and I have to tell you they're not happy either. And this is not the first time issues have been highlighted with how you release your product to the wild.
  2. OP got a "No" option?? I [expletive removed] didn't So let's start my venting. Apart from your latest version 5.51.6939 that did NOT indicate anywhere about being the Trial version before downloading and installing it, add these gems to your Hate Mail list: a. Which idiot there authorised the same filename for both Trial and Free versions - the same QA Manager that let old versions be released under new version filenames on more than one occasion over the past few of years perchance? b. When the Trial version first opens it shows the box asking to sign up to the Trial version. WHICH YOU CAN'T [expletive removed] CLOSE UNLESS YOU KILL IT USING THE TASK MANAGER! Whose bright idea was that, pray tell? c. Flushed that Trial version out of the system (Gee, isn't Glarysoft's Glary Utilities handy for that?...), went to your "https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds" site and down'd the free "Standard installer" file. As an aside, just why the [expletive removed] did you have to detail acquiring the Slim version to the OP there? Anyway, installed what I downloaded, had a quick peek into the WinDoze Startup and there's now an interesting entry called "CCleaner64.exe /MONITOR" "Monitor"?? Curiously I did not see anything during the reinstall asking whether any background monitoring was requested. So whose bright idea was that to surreptitiously install that function?? Piriform seriously copped a slap around the head 'n shoulders last time they tried that [expletive removed], so let's see how many more users you lose continuing on with these antics.
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