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  1. For months now: "We are currently in the process of upgrading our support system and so have temporarily disabled the change password feature on the website. If you wish to change your support account details, you can submit a request to our support team suggesting a new password or email, and we will happily change this manually. *Note* - Passwords cannot exceed 15 characters in length." 1. Temporarily disabled - phah! Months and months with no indicated date of when password entry would be possible. I queried how long it would be a month or two back and received an answer "we have no idea when" 2. The allocated password I received when signing up comes up in Dashlane as "Extremely weak" 3. Give a secure password to a human so they can enter it manually? Come on Piroform/Ccleaner! Seriously? You guys need to get a grip on passwords real quick.
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