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  1. I've used cCleaner forever, but it's only barely -- and I mean barely -- cleaning things since I upgraded to Mojave last week. I even reinstalled it, thinking that was the problem. But no. Right now I'm using both version 1.14.451 (which I preferred with High Sierra) and version 1.15.507 (which I hated, and uninstalled for High Sierra, since it kept annoyingly asking me to sign in). With Mojave, they remove different things -- but still nowhere near the full cleaning I got with High Sierra. Is there an update coming for Mojave?
  2. I have a similar problem since updating to Mojave. It's just not completely cleaning the way it did with High Sierra -- and that's with using both the current version (which annoyingly keeps asking you to sign in) and the one before. Is there a fix coming? (Note: The newer version was so annoying that I'd gone back to using the previous one on High Sierra.)
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