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  1. I need to contact Piriform or CCleaner to discuss a problem with my order and I can't find a way to contact them directly. I was getting the free edition of CCleaner, recommended in a book I was reading, and suddenly a program (5.51) or something popped up while I was keying in the program I wanted. Before I could stop, I had keyed in "yes" and suddenly I had purchased whatever it was. I searched and found it was the $19.95 version of what I wanted to get FREE. This is a very dirty trick as far as I am concerned. I didn't want that program and I have no way to contact them and ask them to take it back and give me my money back!. Anybody have any info on how to contact the money people and see about getting my money refunded and the program returned so I just have the free program? Thank you so much.
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